My New Favorite, Panasonic Styling Iron

 Hello Readers

Today i’m going to share my new styling iron

 I got it from Clozette Indonesia and my favorite styling iron brand, Panasonic Beauty and Panasonic Indonesia.

It’s Panasonic EH-HV40

Let us talk about this product further..


The Product

This styling iron is a beautiful combination of the standart flattening iron, and a brush.

It will creates a soft, natural, (fresh blow from the salon) look on your hair.

I love how it styling my medium length hair!

I’ve never try this kind of styling iron before..

And now i realize, how the brush help to creates a ‘rounder’ or ‘bigger curves’ on my hair,

I’m so glad i got a chance to have this magic tool ❤️

What I Like About This Product

1. It’s Travelling Approve

If you notice on my video,

You’ll realize this styling tool is not too big, and certainly, not heavy at all..

(It’s only approx 23 cm long and diameter of 26 mm )

But also, it has a great impact on how your hair look!

So someday, if the covid situation is better, i will certainly bring this iron wherever i go travelling.

Such a great result comes from this compact tool ❤️

2. It’s Universal Voltage

Since we’re still talking about travelling,

This styling iron is safe to go everywhere because it has a universal voltage.

You definitely need an adapter,

But no need to bring a converter.

So practical!

3. It’s a 3 in 1 styling tool

We can use this styling tool to straighten our hair, (using the flattening iron),

Make a large blow like curl (using just the brush)

Or make it a more ‘tight and hold’ curl (using the flattening iron and the brush)

The last one is my favorite. 

I will always use both the brush and the iron, because my hair is always easy to loose anytime i styling them.

How Much and Where To Buy?

It’s Rp 1,200,000,-

And you can buy it from the official distributor of Panasonic offline and online..

Here’s their Tokopedia link

(Please buy it from the official store so you can still get the guarantee card)

TJ Says

If you still have questions about the product, 

You can visit their official instagram, or their website to find more about the product.

Thanks for reading my blog,

I hope you enjoyed it ❤️


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