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Jelly Aquarysta Review

 Dear Readers  I'm so excited to review this product i got from Clozette Indonesia and Astalift Indonesia . It's their famous skincare line, Astalift Jelly Aquarysta PS : this will be a great skincare addition to hydrate our skin during Ramadhan fasting for my moslem friends.     Their pre-serum or we can call it a pre-serum booster, can be use for every skin type, and age. (But i suggest you to start early using anti aging skincare, i suggest you to start to use it from 25 y/o) That we applied before any of our skincare, Because Jelly Aquarysta, specially made to maximize and optimize our next skincare step. I've been using it for a week now,  and here’s what makes me love this product, Let’s start from...   THE PRODUCT  Jelly Aquarysta, is Astalift hero product from their skincare line. And specially made to complete our anti-aging skincare regime. Use this skincare as our first step of skincare regime (before serum, moisturizer and sunblock). This product meant to reple