MaskneFree With Bioderma

 Dear Readers..

Today, we're gonna talk about, the most common skin problem nowadays, 

 Caused by wearing mask for a long time, our skin cannot breathe properly, and our pores can become  clogged due to excess oil, dead skin cells build up on skin surface.

 This condition could lead to "Maskne" (mask-acne) 

And because there are so many friends of mine, complaining about having this sudden havoc on skin,

Let's have a small talk about “Maskne”


Mask itself, doesn't cause pimples per se, but,

Normally, we have oil, bacteria, dead skin cells, and make up under the mask (you name it, bb cream, foundation powder)

And when we are wearing mask, humidity (due to our breathing) and sweats, are all locked under our mask for hours and hours.

And these will increase the acne risk, or we can name it 

"MASKNE" risk..

Solid Solution

For me, keeping personal hygiene and doing a good care of our skin is key,

1. Clean Our Skin Thoroughly

I suggest us to cleanse our skin 

In the morning : to remove skin impurities overnight, night skincare, and toxins using a gentle cleanser

(oh don't think washing our face in the morning is enough ladies, we must also cleanse it first)

At night : to remove make up, pollution particles during the day using a proper make up cleanse,

3 step cleansing (milk cleanser, toner, and facial wash) is the golden standard,

2. Wear a clean mask everyday

If we are wearing a cloth mask, we must always wash it after we wear it,

or if we wear a medical mask, i suggest us to change the mask anytime we feel the mask is too damp. 

3. Use skincare and sunblock everyday

Moreover when we have to working outdoor for a long hour. 

Or when we are doing outdoor workout (like sunday morning run or bike), 

Because UV rays can penetrate through our mask. 

I suggest us to wear a sunblock that is comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and fragrance free (to avoids any unwanted skin irritation)

Earlier this week, i got this 2 amazing products from Bioderma and Clozette Indonesia

(Thank you so much !)

It’s Bioderma Micellar Water and Bioderma Photoderm Max SPF 100 PA++++ (yes you read it right) 

One of it has become a holy grail for many of us, including me, the micellar water that we have been using for years.. 

And also, i got to try the Bioderma Photoderm Max before i write this review..

Let’s talk about this amazing products, one by one

Start from 

1. Sensibio H2O Micellar Water

Has become a holy grail product for many of us..

This is the type of cleanser that we can use in the morning, and at night (after milk cleanser or your usual make up cleanser)

This cleanser is great for sensitive skin, 

Using a highly purified water with 9 steps of purification, and has a same quality as the medical water for injection,

This is the purest and safest kind of water.

No wonder it is a perfect match for sensitive skin right?

TJ says :

Use this micellar water to clean your face first thing in the morning, and then wash with facial wash.

Also, use this micellar water (after your favorite milk cleanser or oil cleanser), and then wash with facial wash, to cleanse all your make up at night, 

Bioderma Micellar Water

2. Photoderm Max SPF 100 PA ++++

Even we use mask every single day, putting on skincare and sunblock is also important.

There are chance some of us think that we’re no longer in need of using any spf because we wear mask.

So, the mask will cover our face from sun right? No darling, it’s WRONG..

Sunblock is still as important as your other skincare.

 Photoderm MAX provides optimal protection against the  harmful effects of UV rays (sunburn, sun intolerance, etc.), as well as genuine internal biological protection from the  exclusive Cellular Bioprotection™ patent

This patent boosts  the skin’s natural defenses, protects cells and reduces  premature skin ageing.

TJ Says: 

Keep using this sunblock, especially when you being outdoor for a long time..

Or when you are live near the beach (oh God please help, i miss the beach!).

But even if you work indoor, sunblock is still needed

Don't forget to use sunblock everyday

Hopefully, after we cleanse our face thoroughly, taking care of our personal hygiene, maskne will no longer become a problem,

And if you are interest to know more about this product, you can easily click this link to go right to their page on sociolla.

Hope we are all healthy and blessed,

Thanks for reading my article,

Thank you so much Clozette Indonesia and Bioderma

Till we meet again in another article



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