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MaskneFree With Bioderma

 Dear Readers.. Today, we're gonna talk about, the most common skin problem nowadays,   Caused by wearing mask for a long time, our skin cannot breathe properly, and our pores can become  clogged due to excess oil, dead skin cells build up on skin surface.  This condition could lead to  "Maskne" (mask-acne)  And because there are so many friends of mine, complaining about having this sudden havoc on skin, Let's have a small talk about “Maskne” Maskne Mask itself, doesn't cause pimples per se, but, Normally, we have oil, bacteria, dead skin cells, and make up under the mask (you name it, bb cream, foundation powder) And when we are wearing mask, humidity (due to our breathing) and sweats, are all locked under our mask for hours and hours. And these will increase the acne risk, or we can name it  "MASKNE" risk.. Solid Solution For me, keeping personal hygiene and doing a good care of our skin is key, 1. Clean Our Skin Thoroughly I suggest us to cleanse our