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BLP Beauty Cover Cushion Review

 Dear Readers.. How are you? I'm so happy to write to you again in 2021 :) I wish 2021 will be a better year for us.. Now,let me share about my last purchase from BLP Beauty. As we know they just launched their newest product on February 2021, It's their cover cushion ! Before we go deep into the product, let me write a praise for BLP team for creating such a big range of color for their cushion and foundation :) Their color range is wider than any Indonesian beauty brands (for now), and i'm so proud of their achievements and products so far.  Watch Lizzie Parra's story about creating this product in her youtube channel (prepare tissue before you watch it) And the product itself, is a great product that will be loved by their loyal customers.   Their Packaging  I LOVE their simple and compact packaging. The cushion case comes in nude beige color, that makes the product looks even more elegant, and has a SLIMMER form. This is my slimmest cushion so far ( compare to my ma