Christmas With Kose Cosmoport

Dear My Readers,

How are you today?

I hope, even though we are celebrating christmas in a very different situation,

we still have a lot of things to be grateful of this year.

Being with our family, healthy, and happy, are the most important blessings that often taking granted, ( but now we realized it's the most important thing in life rite?).

Anyway,  back on the topic, "Christmas With Kose Cosmoport"

Few days before christmas, I got a very useful christmas gift from Clozette Indonesia, Kose Cosmoport Indonesia,  and Watsons Indonesia.

(Thank you so much!)

Hmmm... Yummy!

And these are the products i got :

1. Clear Turn Babyish Masks (i got series A,B,C)

2. Suncut Tone Up Uv Essence

Let’s talk about the products, one by one, start from the.....

Clear Turn Babyish Masks

This mask, has 3 variants on their range, and luckily i got to try all of them!

Such a cute packaging 

1. Clear Turn Babyish A (Pure Mask A) Pink

To sooth, moisturized, and make your skin glowing of course ;) contains Hyaluronic Acid, Lipidure, Glicerin, and Amino Acids, 

2. Clear Turn Babyish B (Pure Mask B) Yellow
To improves skin elasticity, contains Collagen (my favorite ingredients), Honey, Amino Acids, Hyaluronic Acids

3. Clear Turn Babyish C (Pure Mask C) Silver

To brightened complexion, contains Vitamin C, Glicerin, Amino Acids, Hyaluronic Acids

What i love about this mask products are :

1. This is not the 'over sticky' masks sheet type, (i never like the over sticky mask that just sits on the top of my skin)

2. The essence of this masks, comes in watery consistency (which i prefer the most) because...

3. The essence absorbs well into my skin, and i used it for a good 15-20 mins before i rinsed it with lukewarm water, and do my make up right after that.

Good things comes to those who waits!

After i used this mask ( i used the Pure Babyish Mask in C series)

I can truly feel the difference after (be patient, 15-20 mins is not that long!)

It feels like my skin drinks the essence of this masks well, it becomes smooth, and moisturized well even before i used any serums.

This is one of the reason why i prefer sheet masks, over other types of masks.

And then, after i finished with my mask routine, i used my serum, and jumped to...

Suncut Tone Up UV Essence

It has SPF 50+ PA++++, to protect our skin from UVA and UVB, and contained Allerguard Formulation to fight pollution (oh how i need this product in my life).

This products is like a sunblock/make up base in one,

I'm pretty sure you are already familiar with light purple make up base

That designed especially to lightened up your complexion or to even out your skin tone?

Yes it has a beautiful light purple color

As you can see from the picture above,

This product has a light purple, creamy, but a bit thick consistency on it

When i used it, i can truly feel that this products helped to even out my complexion, holds my make up better, and (this is the most important thing) doesn't melt on my face, even though i was sweating... 

So, i can truly say, i recommend this product...

You can even use it only with your loose powder or compact powder, if you want a more natural/daily look.

But only because it's christmas, i used it with my bb cream + loose powder :)

I love this sunblock so much!

Ah and i understand your concern, since it comes in light purple,

At first, i was thinking, 

Will it becomes too pale on my skin?

Will it makes my skin over moisturized?

The answer is, NO, really...

Because, even though its purple and i think i used a lot on my face, the light purple color will blend into your skin color well, just like a tinted moisturizer.

So, don't worry! 

PS : i love the scent, it reminds me of peony flower's scent....

My make up look

Now that we've talked about the good things about the masks and the sunblock,

leaves the last question in mind..

"Where should i buy this product?"

We can buy it in WATSON Indonesia store, online and offline, that are available in soooo many malls... and i believe you already have your favorite Watson's store in your town...

Mine is Watson in Plaza Senayan ;)

TJ Says

Thank you for reading my new article friends :)

Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, and enjoy your days with your loved ones!

See you on my next post!


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