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Christmas With Kose Cosmoport

Dear My Readers, How are you today? I hope, even though we are celebrating christmas in a very different situation, we still have a lot of things to be grateful of this year. Being with our family, healthy, and happy, are the most important blessings that often taking granted, ( but now we realized it's the most important thing in life rite?). Anyway,  back on the topic, "Christmas With Kose Cosmoport" Few days before christmas, I got a very useful christmas gift from   Clozette Indonesia , Kose Cosmoport Indonesia ,  and Watsons Indonesia . (Thank you so much!) Hmmm... Yummy! And these are the products i got : 1. Clear Turn Babyish Masks (i got series A,B,C) 2. Suncut Tone Up Uv Essence Let’s talk about the products, one by one, start from the..... Clear Turn Babyish Masks This mask, has 3 variants on their range, and luckily i got to try all of them! Such a cute packaging  1. Clear Turn Babyish A (Pure Mask A) Pink To sooth, moisturized, and make your skin glowing of c