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Reuben & Theresia Wedding Album (PART 2- Holy Matrimony)

2 days prior the wedding, When we went to the church for wedding rehearsal, We've been told that one access to the church will be closed, And we can't do nothing, just surrender our D Day to God... On the D day, before we enter the church, sitting on my wedding car (and rehearsed my wedding vow over and over again), i talked to Reuben, "Yah, sepi yaa..." But we still tried to think positive Because at least, our beloved family will be there... And the most important thing is, on that day,  Me and Reuben will exchanging vows in front of God :)  And (finally) officially become husband and wife, When i enter the church i didn't feel nervous at all.. And to be honest, i enjoyed every second of it... I smiled, and tried to make some cheap jokes so Reuben won't be too nervous..  Hehehe.. Before the wedding vow, I remember, i glanced at the guests and feel excited because at last, our guests managed to came to our weddin

Reuben & Theresia Wedding Album (PART 1- Morning Preparation)

14 DECEMBER 2019 Finally, The day has come, Our wedding day.. The day we've been waiting all our life  When i was a kid,  I was dreaming about becoming a beautiful bride someday, And finally that day has come.. Here's the morning prep pictures -TJ-