10 Years Anniversary Kiehls Indonesia

Last Thursday,
I got an invitation to joined Kiehl's Indonesia 10 years Anniversary event in the Atrium of Senayan City Mall Jakarta,
And because the venue is so near from my office, and also, Kiehl's is not new in my skincare regime
(I'm their regular user of Midnight Recovery Concentrate and their Intensive Treatment & Moisturizer for winter holidays) i was so excited to come
And here's my story...

Thank You @vinasagita For This Pict
Our To Do List!
When we first come, Kiehl's team greet us warmly and gave us this brochure, and also a pouch with Kiehl's logo and samples (will give the detail later,, keep on reading).
This brochure filled with 10 to do lists, including doing a skin check, going to every booth, take a picture, and post it on social media, and you'll get stamps for every task you do.. (and of course, free samples in every booth!)

So creative!
I love the concept..
This is the first time i'm joining Kiehl's event, and this event, literally makes us wanna complete the task, visiting every booth, like doing an easter eggs hunts!

My Skin Condition
Mbak Lala Patiently Explaining My Skin Condition
Product Suggestion Based on My Skin Condition

First thing first, i got my skin checked with Kiehl's professional advisor, Mbak Lala, who usually works at Kiehl's Kota Kasablanka :)
She is so helpful and she patiently answered my questions about skin, and kiehls products..

Thankfully, my skin is still in normal condition :D (yeayyy...)
Normal means its not dry, and has a decent amount of oil on it, but i have a lot of freckles on my cheeks, so Mbak Lala suggested Kiehl's Dark Spots solutions serum to fix it

I end up buying their famous "Ultra Facial Cream" moisturizer..
Because i already bought 1 serum for dark spots and few weeks ago..
But we'll see if i change my mind :)

These are a few of many beautiful animation spots! 

"Better Air Better Future"

Calendula Petal Pool

After doing stamps hunt and posing on their animation spots,
(i collect all the stamps yeayyy)
Here's what i got from the event..

If you wanna see the fun,
just check my instagram highlight about Kiehls event..
And don't forget to visit their exhibition and meet Kiehl's beauty advisors, doing some skin check, doing consultation, restocking your favourite Kiehl's products, or just to taking pictures on their beautiful photo spots!
Only from 29 August - 8 September 2019 !

Last but not least,
Happy 10 Years Anniversary, Kiehl's Indonesia !
I'm looking forward to join Kiehl's event again in the future

Love, TJ


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