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Momohime Peach White Essence

Hello Readers!  Today i'm gonna share my review about Momohime Peach White Essence, That i got from Clozette Indonesia and Momohime a couple weeks ago, It is an essence, with a subtle peach ingredients and scents that will instantly replenish moisture to hydrate skin from within! About This Product  It is said that this essence formulated with selected natural ingredients,  peach leaves,  peach juice,  peach seed extracts to replenish moisture to the skin. Hyaluronic acid Na,  Hydrolyzed marine collagen,  Cherry leaves extract,  Perilla leaves extracts  to contained moisturizing agents and to promote clear and beautiful skin.  For me, a clean well hydrated and protected skin is a priority. Even though i just go out to do some workout, i always clean my face with milk cleanser, washed it, and then put a decent amount of moisturizers and spf (if i go workout on daylight during weekend).      Texture This essence is easily

10 Years Anniversary Kiehls Indonesia

Last Thursday, I got an invitation to joined Kiehl's Indonesia 10 years Anniversary event in the Atrium of Senayan City Mall Jakarta, And because the venue is so near from my office, and also, Kiehl's is not new in my skincare regime (I'm their regular user of Midnight Recovery Concentrate and their Intensive Treatment & Moisturizer for winter holidays) i was so excited to come And here's my story... Thank You @vinasagita For This Pict Our To Do List! When we first come, Kiehl's team greet us warmly and gave us this brochure, and also a pouch with Kiehl's logo and samples (will give the detail later,, keep on reading). This brochure filled with 10 to do lists, including doing a skin check, going to every booth, take a picture, and post it on social media, and you'll get stamps for every task you do.. (and of course, free samples in every booth!) So creative! I love the concept.. This is the first time i'm joining Kiehl