JakartaXBeauty2019 Charlotte Cho's Exclusive Workshop

is one event that i don't wanna miss!
Not just because Femaledaily will invite lots of beauty influencers, talk shows, and workshops, but also because there are lots of local and international beauty products, skincare, promotions,  that i can't resist!
(can you? *wink wink*)

As soon as i saw Femaledaily's post about Charlotte Cho's workshop, i immediately book it! Because she is such an inspiration to me and of course, to many :)
Co-founding Soko Glam with her husband, released "The Little Book of Skincare" on 2015, released "Then I Met You" premium skincare line, The Klog website (that has become my online skincare bible since i don't know when!), and etc!

New Friends That I Met on The Workshop

Charlotte Cho's Workshop
 Charlotte shared about her struggle, in building her own brand, how she decided to resigned from her job and working on Soko full time with her husband, inspiring us to do what we love not only for amount of money that we'll got, but always do it because we passionate about what we do.

After the talk show session, she came to our table (there are probably 6-7 table in our classroom, 5-7 persons for each table), so we can asked questions and say hello to her in person :)

FD JakartaXBeauty goodie bag

 This workshop held at Beauty Hall, Level 8 Senayan City,started from 1-3 pm.
The venue (as we know) was packed with so many people!
In the beauty hall and beauty tent, there are so many FD Babes gathered to shop, just to look around, doing workshops, meet their beauty influencers idol, and etc.

Every year, Femaledaily JakartaxBeauty event is getting better and better.
And the attendees (i believe) increased significantly every year!
(CLICK HERE to see my JakartaXbeauty experience )

But because the venue was so full,
I just managed to buy a few of my long wishlists..

Here are what i purchased from JakartaXBeauty2019

Yep.. Only 3 out of my 12 wishlist items. .
They are GOBAN x Molita Lin Lipglow in Loving shade, GOBAN Melted Matte Lip MLBB in shade Obsessed, and Peach Melba Cheekstain from BLP Beauty

Will try to make a review on my blog later..
(If i'm not too busy preparing my wedding :-p )

Me and Charlotte (yeayyyy)
My Outfit to The Event
My Tips to friends who are planning to go to JakartaXBeauty2019 next year :
1. (Obviously) Buy the ticket immediately, and i suggest you to buy 3 days pass tickets because their goodie bag will never disappoint you :)

2. OR, you can buy their exclusive workshop class, i believe they will make great workshops with great speakers every year, don't forget and don't hesitate to join (at least) one that fit your interest :) 

3. Oh My God, wear a comfortable shoes! i had to wear heels because i must attended my fiance's colleague's wedding after.. But if not? i will wear jeans and my sneakers FTW ;)

4. They usually announced the participating brands long before the event, so please, make your beauty wishlists, and check brand's ig page to find out about the special promotion on the D day! 

5. Please say hi to FD crew whenever you see them :) they are more than happy to greet you and meet you there! 

I truly enjoyed my time (as always) in JakartaXbeauty joining workshop like this is like a fresh air for me since i don't join this kind of event much lately.. 
So proud of Femaledaily queen bees, crews, volunteers!

That's all!
Thank you for visiting my blog and hope you enjoy :)
See you next time,



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