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Make Over Powerstay Demi Matte Cover Cushion

Dear Readers, Welcome again to my blog :) Today, I'm gonna share my review about one of Make Over's newest product, It's their matte cushion  There are so many reviews about this cushion from lot's of beauty blogger out there. Now it's my turn to write a review ;p  Let's first talk about their.. PACKAGING   This cushion comes in black matte compact cushion case, Same like your usual cushion case, i might say :) But in my case, my cushion is a bit hard to close (does anyone experiencing this too?) The separator between cushion and applicator seems a bit too thick, it makes my cushion hard to close properly. SHADES I bought it in shade N10 Marble... I'm somewhere between NC 15-20 and this shade is beautiful on my skin :)  It matches my skin perfectly without any bronzer or blush. They made total 6 shades of cushions,  a quite wide range of selection,  from N10 to  C51 Go to their counter and try

JakartaXBeauty2019 Charlotte Cho's Exclusive Workshop

JAKARTAXBEAUTY is one event that i don't wanna miss! Not just because Femaledaily will invite lots of beauty influencers, talk shows, and workshops, but also because there are lots of local and international beauty products, skincare, promotions,  that i can't resist! (can you? *wink wink*) As soon as i saw Femaledaily's post about Charlotte Cho's workshop, i immediately book it! Because she is such an inspiration to me and of course, to many :) Co-founding Soko Glam with her husband, released "The Little Book of Skincare" on 2015, released "Then I Met You" premium skincare line, The Klog website (that has become my online skincare bible since i don't know when!), and etc! New Friends That I Met on The Workshop Charlotte Cho's Workshop  Charlotte shared about her struggle, in building her own brand, how she decided to resigned from her job and working on Soko full time with her husband, inspiring us to do what we l