Mon Guerlain Launching With Clozette Indonesia

 Hello my dear readers..
How are you ?
I'm back to bring you some new article 
Its Mon Guerlain Parfume launching,
In collaboration with Clozette Indonesia last Saturday :)

I'm so excited because this is my first time, doing a review about one item i LOVE the most, 
a Perfume..
(Never leave home without it)
Wondering why i never do a review about my favorite perfumes..

Anyway lets back to the main topic...
Let's talk about the Mon Guerlain launcing last Saturday,
And we will start from...

 The Venue 

Guerlain product display
This event held in front of Sogo Plaza Senayan
on 14 and 15 April 2017.
Because i'm a fan of Guerlain,
Their make up (meteorites pearl), lipstick, and of course perfumes (i love Shalimar and Idylle).

They have a court filled with Mon Guerlain products, small TV to shows the Angelina Jolie Mon Guerlain advertisement, and lot's of Guerlain fragrance extract bottles..

I made a live video on Facebook and Instagram last Saturday to shows our activity on the booth..

Mon Guerlain Perfume

Based on Guerlain Website :

"Mon Guerlain, the House's new fragrance, is a tribute to today’s femininity - a strong, free and sensual femininity, as inspired by Angelina Jolie.

My invisible tattoo, my fragrance, Mon Guerlain.
The fresh oriental fragrance enhances exceptional raw materials: Carla Lavender from Provence, Sambac Jasmine from India, Album Sandalwood from Australia and Vanilla Tahitensis from Papua New Guinea. 

Mon Guerlain expresses the quintessence of a story replete with experiences, nourished by success, expertise and generosity, all infused with the same passion since 1828 by the Guerlain perfumer.

Your fragrance Mon Guerlain in its “quadrilobe” bottle : created in 1908, the bottle established itself as one of Guerlain’s iconic bottles. Simple and graphic, it echoes an alchemist’s bottle and owes its name to its stopper, which is crafted from one piece to obtain a shape resembling four lobes. A century later, beautifully enhanced by a luxurious glass weight and a golden adornment, this bottle offers a contrast between strong taut lines and sensual curves, expressing contemporary femininity."

Source : Puitika and Clozette Indonesia Instagram
  Scents : I agree if its describe as a fresh oriental perfume, i can smell the sweetness that came from Tahitensis Vanilla, Lavender, and Jasmine..
Sandalwood makes it a bit warm and yes, sexy..
I can smell a soft powdery but sweet scents on the dry down.

Sillage : The sillage is moderate (radiates within arm lengths), which is enough for me.. 

Longevity : Moderate (around 6 hours)

Our happy face after playin around with Mon Guerlain :)

Angeline Jolie as Mon Guerlain Face

This is the first time Angie agreed to join a beauty campaign, because she never joined any beauty campaign all her life!

She says, if she agree to join any brand, it has to have a strong emotional bond between her and the brand.
And yes, Guerlain has it!
Because she remember how her mother used to wear Givenchy powder, and the brand reminds her of her childhood and her mother.

And on the Guerlain side, 
They make Angie as the brand ambassador because as we know, she is a very bright actress, a great mother, and activist in so many social campaign.

TJ Says
 Thank you Clozette Indonesia and Guerlain for the invitation to join the event :) 
We are so thrilled to become a part of the Mon Guerlain perfume hype.
I love the scents and the ambassador!
(Who doesn't love Angelina Jolie?)

 With Love,



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