Mizzu X Star Irawan 'Look At Me' Valipcious Launcing

Dear Readers..

How are you ?
I'm back to you to bring you something ;)
It's from last week event,
Mizzu x Star Irawan 'Look at Me' launching!

'Look at me' is the newest Velvet Matte Lipstick shade from Mizzu, in collaboration with Star Irawan
My favorite beauty blogger..
(Still learning to make her winged eyeliner but still can't do it well)

And she personally choose the color and the name of the shade..
So i think the lipstick describe her personality well ;)
Smiley, bubbly, and very humble..
 I think, everyone who has met her in person will say the same thing!
So guys, if you are ready,
Let's start to talk about the detail of the event..

The Venue 

The event held in the auditorium of Conclave Building Wijaya.
The talk show held in the auditorium on the 2'nd floor, but right after we enter the building, we will already feel the hype of Mizzu 'Look at Me' launching all over the room !

The BIG monochrome Mizzu backdrop, 'look at me' lipstick presentation, Jacquelle pop up corner, complete range of Mizzu lipstick, and the GoGlam team that will beautify your look!
(They're ready to curl your hair and make you ready to meet your date after the event!)

When i arrived there (13.30), the venue already filled with soo many excited beautiful attendees!
We are dressed in monochrome outfit (Mizzu Cosmetics signature color), waiting to start the event and meet our favorite blogger, STAR IRAWAN...

Here's the picture i got on the first floor of Conclave building..
I can't take all of the corner pictures because as i said before, the venue is filled with people, so... yeah ^^

Here's the picture i got..

Ah, for this corner especially..
I play around this corner before the event started.
I tried the texture and played around with few shades (including the 'Look at Me'), and bought 2 shades of lipstick (will share it on my Instagram) consist of 1 lips metals and 1 lip velvet (shades full bloom).

Because the beautician told us that Mizzu Look at Me shade can be mixed a little bit with other color to make it suitable for every skin type, they suggest us to mix the color a bit or do the gradient lips technique.

The Talk Show

I can say that this is the most Un-Boring talkshow i've ever attend..
Because Star is very attractive and seems to have fun on the event, makes us happy and spread lots of  'positive vibes', MC are giving so many quizzes, lots of prize from all the sponsors.
So if you follow my Instagram and click my Insta story on that day, you will find that we're having fun through the day. Lots of laughter and happiness spread!

The MC also managed to asked Star to do a few looks using 'Look at me' lipstick and mixed it up with other Mizzu Lip Products to make it more fun.
(I forget to mention that Star asked us to use the 'look at me' lipstick before the event started).

She added a few drops of other Mizzu lip products on the inner corner of the lips, but before, she asked the attendees what color or what kind of look they'd prefer (very nice of her), and they added it on their lips.
Different skin tone, different preference, but all wearing the 'Look at Me' shades as the base ;)
Love it 

Inta is busy spreading the game prize from Nivea!
 My Thoughts on Look at Me Shade 

Star did mention why she chose this color to be her very own lipstick shade, she thinks this color is very POP OUT on camera so your selfie will be better wearing this lipstick!
And i agree that the color is POP OUT on the camera

In the other hand, 
The MC also asked us honestly, on the event "who feel a bit hard to pull out the look with this color"
and some of us is raising their hand..
 And i think i do know why.. :)

The Color 

The 'Look at Me' shade has a light peach-pink color that looked a bit opaque on lips. 
This color will suits everyone who has a white or yellow skin tone well..
But i think if we have a darker skintone, this lipstick will look a bit too pale, IF we wear it without enough amount of eye make up and blush.

But no worries!
'Look at me' is perfect to as the color base, so you can mix it up with other color, added a lipgloss on the top of it, make a gradient lips on the top of it,
and find a way to make it work!

The Texture 

The texture is a bit drying on my lips, and when im about to added another layer of this lipstick, i feel my lips become a bit dry and the texture become a bit uncomfortable and bumpy... 

So i think we can use a light layer of lip balm under the 'Look at me', to make it stick longer on the lips and make it feels more comfortable and less dry. 
(It works for me)
Or you can simply added a clear lip gloss (or any lip gloss color you want) on the top of it :) 
'Look at Me' on my lips
'Look at Me' lipstick on me and Inta
You know, there's a lot of way to make it work based on our preference.
Ah, i also recommend to add a pink or peach blush to make your whole look even fresher,and wear an eye make up to compliment the whole look!

Star Irawan also wearing the bold eye make up to compliment the color and make it work perfectly on her! (don't you think so? i love this look on her, seriously!).

TJ Says

That's all i can share to you guys..
Have you tried this shade?
And what do you think about it?
 Do you like it as much as i do ?

 I've been wearing this shade all day since saturday and till now to office..
I do mixed it up with my pink or red lipstick from other brand and as i can say before, this lipstick is perfect as a base or used it alone and it will makes your face brighter..
Yes i do think so..

so, see you on my next post and hope you do enjoy my review today :)
Finally i can meet my favorite beauty blogger ! Star Irawan

 With Love,



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