The Face Shop X Clozette Indonesia : Yehwadam Beauty Workshop

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I'm back to you to bring you something from yesterday's event with The Face Shop Indonesia and Clozette Indonesia..
Yehwadam Beauty workshop
(Read : Yuhwadam) 

The event itself held from 13-19 March 2017 in Terra Atrium, Central Park.
The event itself divide in 2 different section, the first event (held on 13-17 is the launching of Yehwadam), and the second (18-19) is a Beauty Workshop, in collaboration with Clozette Indonesia.

Yehwadam Skincare Range

First, let us talk about the newest skincare range from The Face Shop. Ye means herbs/plant, Hwa means flower, Dam means story.
Yehwadam means : Story behind natural plants and flower that become a secret of Korean woman beauty.

Yehwadam is an anti-aging skincare line for woman in their 20-30's, designed to prevent pre matured aging, brightening, revitalizing and improving skin texture.
(I'm drooling already)
Im on my late 20's, so anti-aging skincare is a must!
I started to use anti-aging skincare since i was 25..
Simply to prevent any aging signs like wrinkles, sagging skin, uneven textured and tone.  

Yehwadam Revitalizing skincare consist 5 skincare range:
1. Yehwadam Revitalizing Toner
Like every toner, this is the first step of skincare that will prepare our skin before we put serum or moisturizer, so the work of our serum will be maximum and will absorb into our skin well.
2. Yehwadam Revitalizing Serum

   3. Yehwadam Revitalizing Emulsion (worked as day cream)

  4. Yehwadam Revitalizing Eye cream

            5. Yehwadam Revitalizing Cream (worked as night cream)         

The Venue

   They manage to fill the large space for Yehwadam launching wisely..
Can you imagine the venue filled with :

1. Hanbok Photoshoot Space
We can take a picture with Korean traditional house background wearing Hanbok (korean traditional outfit).
I love it! I managed to take a picture wearing Hanbok :-p

 when we open the #Yehwadamlaunching or #clozetteXthefaceshopid on instagram, we will find lots of beautiful girl take a picture wearing these hanbok!

I think they provide a photobooth somewhere on 13-17 March because i saw some bloggers post their photo wearing Hanbok as a souvenir.
But unfortunately, the photobooth is no longer there when i came to the venue.

But no probs!
i still manage to take a picture with my phone cam LOL!
2. Empty Serum Bottle Space

 We can bring our empty serum bottle from any brand and exchange it to get a 50% disc from The Face Shop.
But what makes it funny for me is, they displayed all the bottles of empty serums in a glass boxes..
Here, i got the picture only for you

3. Wheel of Fortune 

We can try this cute wheel of fortune after we buy their products (minimal purchase is Rp 250.000,- ) on the venue..
The prize is various, as you can see there's a lot of prize we can get..
I wonder how do they got a lot of idea to fill the open space for the venue!
They are very creative!
But i would suggest to add more 

 4. The Stage And Beauty Class Area

There's a huge space for the stage and around 5-6 tables for 4-6 bloggers with 1 beauty advisor for each table to help us and explain the use of The Face Shop products on the table, from make up to their newest skincare range, Yehwadam.

5. Yehwadam Skincare Range Banner and Products

Since it's Yehwadam launching, there are lots of Yehwadam products all over the place, where we can see it, and try it on our skin..
I love how they put them together and makes it looks sooo beautiful

 6. The Face Shop Skincare and Make Up Booth

Besides Yehwadam skincare, they also provide a booth to sell their skincare range (other than Yehwadam) and make up like cc cushion, lipstick, eyeliner, and etc..

My favorite skincare line from The Face Shop is White Seed serum, White Jewel Peeling, eye and lips make up remover, mask sheets, and SPF 50++ sunblock! 
Yes, i have tried more than 1 products from The Face Shop..
  And i like it so far ^^

 7. Skin Check Area

Besides make up booth, they also managed to put a special beautician to do a skin check before the event begun.
But unfortunately, i forgot to take a picture of the skin check area -_-'
So sorry guys...

Beauty Class

For yesterday's event, The Face Shop make up artist make a 'daily look' theme, so it's a simple and soft make up we can use everyday.
and we try to recreate the look, using The Face Shop products on the table.
I really like their liquid eyeliner, i found it so easy to make a cat eye look, and also their peach coloured single eyeshadow..

Here's our make up station, they provide enough make up for us :)
and not to forget, the Yehwadam skincare minnies also provide on our table    

These are the make up tools we used to recreate the make up demo.
The complete set of cc cream, eyeliner, concealer, eyeshadow, mascara, blush on, and lipsticks.
And the red pouch is the mini brush set, but i didn't use the brush set and use my ring finger to applied the eyeshadow.

I love the final result!
The make up artist gave us 2 beauty secrets in the end of the make up demo.
But what i remember till now is, 
"make up don't have to be too heavy"
I think i do agree with the statement.. 
All the bloggers who came to the event looked happy and excited..
Here's our picture after the event!
Ah we are also wearing Pink Salmon (matching with Yehwadam packaging).

Taken from Clozette Indonesia Instagram
 TJ Says
I'm so happy to finally able to attend beauty event again this week!
Thank you Clozette Indonesia and The Face Shop Indonesia.
I'm hoping to attend another event like this again
I usually received an invitation for to attend beauty event on weekdays,
and i will not able to attend it, because i have to work on weekdays :(
(Yes readers, I'm working in a bank).
Meet my fellow bloggers friends makes me happy and sooo delighted..

Its Dewi Yang and Hani Hikaru 
That's all guys,
I hope you enjoy my post,
And hope to meet you on any beauty events..
and simply email me or contact me trough my contact form if you would like to ask me anything about anything i might know..

See ya readers!

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