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The Face Shop X Clozette Indonesia : Yehwadam Beauty Workshop

Hello Readers.. Welcome back to my blog :) I'm back to you to bring you something from yesterday's event with The Face Shop Indonesia and Clozette Indonesia.. It's Yehwadam Beauty workshop
(Read : Yuhwadam) 

The event itself held from 13-19 March 2017 in Terra Atrium, Central Park. The event itself divide in 2 different section, the first event (held on 13-17 is the launching of Yehwadam), and the second (18-19) isa Beauty Workshop, in collaboration with Clozette Indonesia.

Yehwadam Skincare Range

First, let us talk about the newest skincare range from The Face Shop. Ye means herbs/plant, Hwa means flower, Dam means story.
Yehwadam means : Story behind natural plants and flower that become a secret of Korean woman beauty.