Louboutin Decollete 554 in Black Patent Review

Hello Dear Readers..
I come back to you to bring you something new..
Yes today i'm going to do a review about
a Shoes
(i never did any review about shoes before, LOL)

 "Christian Louboutin Decollete 554"

"Decollete 554" stands out for her long pointed toe and superfine stiletto heel. Whether you're dashing to a daytime meeting or an evening date, this 100mm version in classic black patent leather is a strong and sexy pump for the woman on the move. 

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My Thoughts About This Shoes

I think the description fit the shoes well..
I can say this shoes is formal enough to be my working shoes, It has a 'sufficient' level of sexiness (thanks to the pointy toe and super 'thin' heels) so it can be wear with my working attire,
 and later wear it with my dress to go to evening event.

I really do love how this shoes can complete any formal dresses, and on the top of it, this shoes never kill my toes like my Bianca...
But because of the superfine heels, i will have to rest my legs for a while so my legs wont feel sore
Decollete 554 shoes
The Pros
- It's quite comfortable
-Has an adequate amount of sexiness (wink wink *)
- Fit for working and cocktail party event

The Con
- The silhouette isn't as sexy as 'So Kate', 'Pigalle', and 'Bianca'

TJ Says :
I love this shoes but i also love the So Kate's sexy silhouette..
But if i buy another black So Kate, i would be a waste don't you think?
Because they have a very similar toe box and heels.. :(

I would suggest you to :
Buy 'Fifi' or 'Simple Pump' as your working shoes,
And choose 'So Kate' as your special weapon to add lots of sexiness to your evening dresses ;)

Thank you for reading my blog
And see you soon !

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