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Hello Readers!
Im here to report another event held by Clozette Indonesia and VOV Make Up Indonesia 
There's a good news for all the girls who love to wear bb cushion :)
And i will also report the detail of the event..
If you are ready to read my post, 
Let's start from the beginning

VOV Make Up Indonesia 

I already wrote about VOV Make Up in this post about Super Fitting Lipquid
The philosophy of the brand and their concept..
You can read the full stories there,
But i will explain a little bit about their concept here..

VOV is a total make up company,
They dont have skincare line,
And their make up is refer to the girls who love to do experiment and bold color..

Since the first time you see their products, 
You will understand how they have a major differences with other Korean make up company..
Their eyes, lips, and cheeks colors are usually bold, various, and very up to date,
Unlike any other Korean make up that has a sheer coverage, sheer color, and usually have their own skincare line

The Event Clozette X VOV MAKE UP

The event held in MVG Lounge Lotte Shopping Avenue, 17 September 2016
(Yeah it was almost 3 weeks ago, sorry for the delayed guys ^^,)
As usual, i met Clozette Indonesia team, Mbak Dessy, Mbak Kiki, and Tika..
And also, the beautiful cici Hanny Zheng from VOV :)

The event started at 11 till 1 pm 
And we all have a good time there 
Don't imagine that the event will be boring because Clozette Indonesia and VOV Indonesia event are always so FUN!
 Do you agree?

These are the decoration, make up display, and make up that been used on the event,
I can see that they have a wide range of make up..
And all has VOV Make Up signature..
They are BOLD and very VARIOUS
That we won't be bored to buy and used it

We also got a free cupcake and mineral water that has VOV Maxmini label on it!
Uhh i remember i was a bit hungry that day and that cupcake is my live savers
Thank you Clozette and VOV!

The Products VOV Maxmini Cushion

Remember i told you i have a good news for you?
I will tell you what it is now :)
But before, let me ask you, what do you need from a cushion readers?
Usually, i heard 'a Light and Glowing Complexion' are the reason of why we use BB cushion instead of foundation all these time..
Right? :)

But after our need of making such a glowing porcelain complexion,
We also came up with a few problems like this..
"it doesn't cover my skin imperfections"
"it becomes very oily after a few hours"
"they don't have cushion in my skintone"
"the sponge absorb too much products and turn it into a waste"

The beautiful ci Hanny explained about the products
Left : VOV Maxmini Moist Cushion, Right : VOV Maxmini Smooth Cover Cushion

But VOV understand this,
And make a cushion that will answer your complain all these time
First, i'm about to explain that VOV Maxmini has 2 types of cushion for our skin needs...

1. VOV Maxmini Moist Cushion

1. This cushion is very glowing on your skin..

2. The coverage is light and it suits people who have less imperfections and normal to dry skin

3. Has a high SPF (SPF 50/PA +++)

4. Doesn't melt on your skin, and will not oxidize on your skin (read : turn into 1 or 2 shades darker) even you wear it for a looong long hours

 5. Can be used on the top of your foundation or your casual cushion to add some glow ;) highlighting some of your face parts (cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin)

6. I heard you say, they only have 2 shades right? don't worry, because its a TRANSLUCENT kind of cushion... so, i suggest you to wear one that closer to your skintone, and wait for a moment until the cushion absorb into your skin.. But if you still feel the shades is still too light, don't worry, apply a little amount of your casual compact powder and apply it with your powder brush, don't afraid the glow will faded, because it WON'T ;)

2. VOV Maxmini Smooth Cover Cushion

1. The caption 'Smooth Cover Cushion" is there for a reason.. unlike any other, you will be a bit shock because even if they have a medium to full coverage (yes its buildable), surprisingly, the texture is very light and absorb into your skin quickly 
(no i'm not lying, i already try it on the back of my hand and i wear it all day long)

2. If you afraid of the word 'cover cushion' that usually won't glow and looked like a foundie instead of a cushion, don't get it wrong because its still GLOWING on your skin dear :) but not as glowing as her sister, VOV Maxmini Moist Cushion of course because they have a different purpose right?

3. You can use it in your personal terms, if you want to make it very matte, then used a compact powder on the top of it and voila it will be a 'very matte'. But if you want a good coverage with a good glow, i have 2 way to wear it...
-Don't use any powder on the top of it, except on the outer area of your face, (to avoid your hair stick on your cheeks, or forehead)
- Add some pearly primer on the top or under your VOV Maxmini Cushion.. (They also have a glowing primer on their line, called Maxmini Primer), its so easy ^^,

4. They have a wide range of skintone.. from 21 (the light beige) - 43 (healthy skin) ! :)

5. These cushion worked as a cushion, a bronzer/sculpting tools, and a highlighter..
use the darker shade to make a bronzer/sculpting effect, and use the lighter color to highlight your best part of face..

And there's one thing more...

Their sponge :)
We should talk about this because i think this is also the best part of VOV Maxmini Cushions...
To apply cushion, we usually get a silicone sponge to take the right amount of the products right?
I should tell you, their sponge is unlike my other cushion sponge because the texture is very tight, and will not waste much of your cushion stick on the sponge..
I remember the first time i applied the products and pat the sponge on the cushion, i said to myself "wow, they have a great sponge":D

The Make Up Demo

After we got information about this products, we also got a chance to watch the make up demo :)
Mbak Kiki from Clozette Indonesia become a model that day, 
And got a chance to try how great this cushion is :)

You can see how glowing Mbak Ki's face after they put cushion on her face
 Because the theme that day is Nude Make Up Dare
Ci Hanny concentrate on the glowing canvas without using too much color..
They used a nude brown color eyeshadow, 
peachy pink blush, and orange peach lipstick to make the model's face glowing :)

Make Up results
 I love natural glowing make up like this..
Glowy face, peach lipstick, and something to make your eyes appear bigger and fresher! 
I can't do the 'very simple' Korean eyes, because my eyes are soooo small without scotch and thick eyeliner.
But i prefer the glowing skin and nude or gradient lips instead of the full coverage, sculpting and highlighting technique..
Because i can see how glowing and simple soft make up will make my skin appear fresher and younger :)

  The Blogger I Met on The Event 

 Besides doing a research on VOV Maxmini cushion product,
I also got a chance to meet my fellow bloggers on the event,
These pictures are not all mine
Because most of them taken by my fellow bloggers and Clozette Indonesia team,
And they send it trough Clozette Ambassadors whatssap group 
Ellen Stephanie, Rini, Feggy, and all of them that i cant remember one by one

 Ahhh... before i forget,
Have you join Clozette Indonesia network?
I hope you do!
 Because there's so many thing you can get by become a member of Clozette Indonesia :)

You can share fashion beauty and lifestyle topics and being inspired by other member and ambassadors,
And also, access to many cool events like this ;)
Almost. every. month !

Okay guys..
I think i will just end my post
see you on my next post readers
 #ClozetteID #ClozetteIDxVOVMaxminireview

with love,


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