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Clozette X Maxmini VOV Indonesia

Hello Readers! Im here to report another event held by Clozette Indonesia and VOV Make Up Indonesia  There's a good news for all the girls who love to wear bb cushion :) And i will also report the detail of the event.. If you are ready to read my post,  Let's start from the beginning VOV Make Up Indonesia  I already wrote about VOV Make Up in this post about Super Fitting Lipquid The philosophy of the brand and their concept.. You can read the full stories there, But i will explain a little bit about their concept here.. VOV is a total make up company, They dont have skincare line, And their make up is refer to the girls who love to do experiment and bold color.. Since the first time you see their products,  You will understand how they have a major differences with other Korean make up company.. Their eyes, lips, and cheeks colors are usually bold, various, and very up to date, Unlike any other Korean make up that has a sheer cover