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So last week
I got a call from Ci Prisiella Yessy (Ci Prisil) from Estee Lauder,
Hearing her voice makes me so excited because i know she will invite me to join Estee Lauder event,

The event held in Sogo Plaza Senayan
And as i said before, im so excited to attend this event,
Because this is my first Estee Lauder event since a couple years ago!

I've write a of post about Estee Lauder events before,
On their Micro Essence Skincare Lauching event about a couple years ago
You can still read it here, Estee Lauder Micro Essence

The Event 

This time is more like a make up demo, but they also introducing their new product 
A compact packaging lightweight foundation 
that will gives you a glowing Korean look, its..

And Mr. Justin Lien (Estee Lauder Taiwanese make up artist) gave us 2 make up looks that day..
Korean Look and Holywood 'Kendall Jenner' look wearing Double Wear Stay In Place Foundation
And i will give you a review
And share my thoughts about this product first..
Then lets move to the make up demo afterwards... ;)
Estee Lauder Make Up To Go Review


I've waited Estee Lauder to came up with something like this for so long..
You know why..
Because currently, they have one of the best foundation,
And it becomes sooo many people's HG..
What's the name of this foundation?
I know you know it :) don't just smile over there :D...
Yeah,, its Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (ELDW)
Double Wear foundation is one of my favorite foundation because its longevity and make my make up literally 'Stay In Place' like, ALL DAY..

Even though i love ELDW so much..
I know that's not my everyday foundation because its tend to give you a matte- full coverage look :)
I used to mixed it with my MAC Strobe Cream to make it lighter and give me 'glowing' look.
Because we have to mix it with other products, and i can not bring this foundie on my bag
And not even i can do touch up with it during the day, 
I think i need Estee Lauder Make Up To Go (ELMTG) now..

Why Do We Need ELMTG ? 

1. It Comes In a Compact and Light Packaging
So we can bring it and do a little touch up with it ;)
That's why the name is Estee Lauder Double Wear Make Up To Go 

2. It Gives Us a Light Glow Skin 
If you love Korean make up with their soft glowing skin in Korean drama series, 
But you need more coverage, than this is the answer of your (and mine) prayers... 

3. The Coverage is Buildable
Apply it once to give you a light coverage, twice to give you a medium to full coverage, and third if you need to apply it on your neck :)

4. It Lasts For 8 Hours!
When it comes to longevity, you know, Estee Lauder WILL NOT disappoint you :)
This is their speciallity ;)
So if they say 8 hours, means 8 hours or more
Not just the marketing gimmick...

5. Very Hygiene
Don't afraid the foundation will spill out from the packaging, because we must pressed the button first to get the foundation. So don't be afraid about the hygiene.
But i suggest to wash the sponge whenever you feel you need to.
Maybe at least once a week

6. They Will Find The Right (If Not Perfect) Shade For You 
They have this wonderful tools that will measure your skin tone before you buy, and will find the perfect shade for you by checking your skin tone in 3 spots (forehead, cheeks, and chin) and the result will give you the perfect shade..

 You can get it in Estee Lauder counter for only Rp640.000,- or $45

The Make Up Demo 

Mr. Justin Lien gave us 2 looks on 2 models that day, 
It was a Korean Look and Kendall Jenner Hollywood look
I prefer a mixture of both 
Korean and Kendall Jenner Hollywood look..
I love the glowing skin and medium light coverage, but Korean make up eyes can't help much because my eyes is very small without no scotch and thick eyeliner
So basically, if you ask me, i always do a mix of both..

Korean Look

As we all know, Korean make up concentrate on their amazingly glowing and flawless complexion, not overdoing their eyes and a bold lipstick to complete their whole look
So these are the picture 

(I love the lipstick shade)
 The bright pink that gave the model brighter complexion that day
And one trick i learn from Mr. Justin Lien is, combining 2 foundation to achieve flawless and glowing complexion!

I love the way Mr. Justin applying Double Wear foundation with a sponge all over the model's face as a based and then he pat Estee Lauder Make Up To Go to give a glow on the model's face..
Honestly, i think this is the way Kdrama make up artist do their actresses make up.
Layering 2 foundie to give a coverage and glowy effect.

Kendall Jenner Hollywood Look

This look is basically a bold eyes and lips look that better to wear at night 
Mr. Justin Lien gave the model a dark smokey eyes and bright red lipstick to complete the whole look.
And for me personally, this look is better to applied at night :)
And as the finishing touch, Mr. Justin gave the model a matte powder

This look is completely different with the Korean Look :)
And i will not wear it at the casual night either, maybe when i go to a party or some big event

The Picture of The Event

These are the picture of the events, i also met Olivia Lazuardy on the event
I Love HER!
She is so gorgeous and her style is very wearable
Not to mention her flawless make up and her on point red lips

 Thats all for today guys
See you in my next post
Have a nice weekend

With Love


  1. I have seen this foundation first last year, when I did my makeover from Lina, she used only few drops and this was so awesome. I loved my outlook. The way my makeup came out and last for long time. She is very good , I so love her. She also trains best makeup lesson by Lina Cameron in my town!


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