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Estee Lauder Foundation 1 2 3

So last week I got a call from Ci Prisiella Yessy (Ci Prisil) from Estee Lauder, Hearing her voice makes me so excited because i know she will invite me to join Estee Lauder event,  Yeayy! The event held in Sogo Plaza Senayan And as i said before, im so excited to attend this event, Because this is my first Estee Lauder event since a couple years ago! LOL I've write a of post about Estee Lauder events before, On their Micro Essence Skincare Lauching event about a couple years ago You can still read it here, Estee Lauder Micro Essence And also a Make Up Demo with Mr. Vincent Xu The Event  This time is more like a make up demo, but they also introducing their new product  A compact packaging lightweight foundation  that will gives you a glowing Korean look, its.. Double Wear Make Up To Go Liquid Compact Foundation And Mr. Justin Lien (Estee Lauder Taiwanese make up artist) gave us 2 make up looks that day.. Korean