Glowing Ramadhan Look by Femaledaily and Panasonic Beauty Indonesia #PanasonicBeautyID #Beautifullyours

Hello My Readers...
I'm happy that i can finally back to you and presents something on my blog after almost a year i didn't attend any kind of events!
No blogger gatherings, no beauty classes, no products launching, no fashion shows,
Glowing Ramadhan Look
But im so happy i can finally attend this event with my favorite blog site ever,
And the product i represent as the winner of ZOOM IN BEAUTY 3

I won't say no to them right ? ;)
So if you are ready,
Sit here with me...
I will make this post long and hopefully, it will give something new and useful to you,
my readers :)

1. The Venue
Pict credit to Jessie from
As you can see on the invitation,
This event held in The Hook Senopati,
And i believe you can take lots of good picture since this place surrounded by the light
(glass windows everywhere.. )
It doesn't need a lot of effort to make our picture look good there..
The cozy ambiance would be perfect to held a meeting, events, and lunch/dinner with your family.

My make up station

Fresh Flower in every table and make up station
I love what they did to this place
A stage with a big background event, a corner where you can try all the Panasonic Beauty products,
Pink fuschia decoration, flowers in everyone's table!
I must say I AM IMPRESED :)

Maybe because i love PINK so much?
I don't know...
But i believe they pay attention to every little detail when the decorate this venue

Somehow i feel myself better when I'm surrounded by my favorite things or favorite color ..
My room decoration and wall is pink too..
And it makes me feel better everytime i came home with such a bad mood..

The Stage
Fellow bloggers in fuschia and white

Since i entered the venue
I feel so excited! Because i haven't seen my fellow bloggers and Femaledaily friends since i don't know when and i miss them!
Femaledaily crew (Mbak Anggi, Chell, and everyone!) greetings are always warm :) i always feel at home when i join them in any events :)

And i'm soooo happy to meet my Clozette Indonesia/ bloggers friends
Jessie, Mbak Kania, Reiput,
And meet so many new bloggers friends on the event :)

2. The Event

As usual, the event started with the MC open the event ,
And she is wearing a beautiful pink fuschia kaftan :)
The MC greet us and having Panasonic Beauty Indonesia (Mbak Tessa and Mbak Almira) representation came up on stage and greet us :)

They suggest that being beautiful starts from within,
It starts from a fresh healthy skin and hair condition
I agree!

I believe make up will just works well on a great canvas..
I believe we must first taking care of our skin and hair condition before we 'beautify' them.
And what i believe is we can achieve a good skin and hair condition by using the RIGHT products.

Just like everyone else,
We have our own favorite beauty products and skincare products..
I would say keep your favorite products and keep searching if you haven't find one
And keep using them in order to make your skin and hair in a great condition

And later, i can suggest you some of the Panasonic Beauty products i know
So you can get a maximum result to complete your hair and skin care routine

Jessie, thanks for taking this picture and letting me to use this on my blog

They also invited me on stage to share my stories as the winner of Zoom In Beauty (ZIB) Panasonic last year, and what i got on my ZIB workshop days last year..
I'm so happy to represent Panasonic because who don't know about Panasonic electronic products?
They have been known as one of the biggest electronic company from Japan, that have everything we need from kitchen needs, households products, and beauty products, to make our life easier!

3. Beauty Class 

After the warm welcome, we are started to do our beauty class with mbak Hepi David and Niken as the make up model :)
This is the first time i join Mbak Hepi make up class and i'm happy because she explain everything step by step and in very clear way,
So the audience will understand and easily following her steps :)

Fun and happy ambiance everywhere
We are using Panasonic Beauty products in every session (make up and hair styling session),
And in this session we are using the Panasonic Beauty Face Steamer
On the cleansing progress before Mbak Hepi start to do the make up..

This face steamer used to open your pores and make your skin ready for the cleansing process
And this absolutely making the cleansing process a lot easier..
Simply fill it with a mineral water (yes i suggest you to use mineral water) and turn on the face steamer..

Sit about 20 cm from the face steamer
And let it do the job for about 6 mins
You can do the cleansing after the steamer stop, or maybe i can suggest you to start the cleansing progres like 3-4 mins after the steamer start.

Niken is enjoying her experience with panasonic beauty face steamer
After the cleansing progress
We can finally start the make up process!
Because the theme is glowing make up look,
Mbak Hepi didn't put much make up on Niken.

She put a neutral nude bronze color on Niken eyes,
 and also put the nude lipstick and lip gloss on her lips..
The idea is not going too 'over do'.

Make Up Steps:

Mbak Hepi start from the eyes (just like me) before we go to the skin perfecting department..
I saw her doing Niken's eyebrow and draw it naturally.
Using a neutral brown black brown liner and fill it naturally and brush the eyebrow so they will look very natural and not too bold.

After eyebrow, she puts an eye primer on Niken's eyelids
To make the eyeshadow lasts longer..
(I never used eye primer before the eyeshadow, maybe that's the reason, why sometimes my eyeshadow doesn't last long)

(eyebrow shaping -eyeprimer - eyeshadow- eyeliner- falsies- mascara)

After Mbak Hepi puts foundation, all over niken's face with brush, she blend it with beautyblender (i haven't got it but since everyone say this is worth to try maybe i will later buy it to achieve a natural look).
 This steps followed by the highlighting and contouring process to make niken's face slimmer from her cheeks, forehead, and make her node appear taller by applied the contouring powder on her nose

After the contouring process, she puts the bronzer (She use the shimmery bronzer to make niken's skin looks glowing) and then use the pink peach blush on the apple of the cheeks
 After this point, niken's face already looked fresher and glowing

(foundation - highlighting - contouring - bronzer - blush on)

Mbak Hepi puts a nude neutral color on Niken lips,and because the idea is glowing make up look, she used the glossy look lipstick..
I prefer to wear glossy nude lips rather than matte lipstick nowadays..

I think glossy lips and glowing complexion will suits everyone in a modest way :)
Doesn't mean i hate matte lipstick or bold color lipstick, because i own a few favorite matte lisptick in red, pink fuschia, purple (yeah purple), wine red, and orange!

But for now, my daily lipsticks choice are not far from nude color,,
(But i think you will see me wearing bold color sometime)

4. Hair Styling Class

After we done with make up, Mas Adhar lead the hair styling class and Fina as the hair model
And im so excited because i love to styling my long hair
And i have never join any hair styling classes before
I think this is where i can find tips on styling my hair...

This time, we are using 2 Panasonic Beauty products,
Panasonic Hairdryer EH-NA65 and Hair styles EH-HS95
And just like every products, these 2 products are also have the Nanoe technology
(i will explain it more on the products section)
So beside having a great hairstyle, nanoe technology will also protect our hair during the styling process

First Mas Adhar suggest to blow dry our hair using the panasonic hairdryer products,
But because the model's hair are not wet, mas Adhar skip the process and just explain the use of this hairdryer products..

After the hairdryer, mas adhar start the hair styling class with the Hair Styler product,
He says, before we start to do the hair styling, we must first brush our hair
And when we styling our hair, make sure the tools is 90 degree from shoulder to make it bouncy and fasten the curling process

As i said before,
I have never go to the hairstyling classes so i never knew that we must brush our hair first before we start straighten or curling process..
Or we must do the styling 90 degrees from shoulder to make it more bouncy..
Aha i learn new things!

5. Make Up Result 

This is my make up result..
I put a neutral color eyeshadow on my eyes using Boudoir Eyes eyeshadow palette from Too Faced shade 'In The Buff' to highlight my brow bone, 'Satin Sheets' all over my lid, and a mixed of 'Voulez Vous' and 'Lap Dance' to draw a deep socket on the outer corner of my eyelid.

I used brown eyeliner from Make Over and Big Eyes Maybelline Mascara to complete my look..
I choose brown liner to draw the line because brown is more subtle than black..
 And just like Mbak Hepi thought us, i just did half under eye liner
And draw a silver tear to make my eyes bigger.

I choose pink peach blush from Chanel 'Fleur de Lotus' to freshen up my complexion and pink L'exuberante Chanel lipstick so it will matches my dress for that day :)

I did my hairstyle at home using Panasonic Beauty hair styling iron too!
I love how Panasonic gives my hair a good result without causing any damage because i did my hair almost everyday :)

6. The Panasonic Beauty Products

Dear readers,
Now i will explain more about the 3 products we used on the event and what nanoe technology is
So you will have the deeper knowledge about Panasonic Beauty products ;)
And probably you will start consider to have it too! 
I will explain it based on my experience with these tools..
(Yes i have tried all those 3 products at home)
And will try my best to give you the description of the products itself :)

If you are ready,
Lets start from the technology that become a foundation of every Panasonic Products
And become a GREAT beauty tools that won't break your skin and hair during the process..

Nanoe Technology

 Panasonic Beauty developed Nanoe Technology and applied this to their beauty tools product,
This technology separated Panasonic Beauty products from other brands beauty tools,
Because Nanoe technology will make our skin and hair healthy beside just styling it..

 Based on the description here Here
"Nanoe technology is technology for producing nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particle, nanoe™, that improves air quality and changes our living"
So basically, as for example, in Panasonic hair styling, nanoe technology used to keep our hair moisturized and lessen the damage effect during the process...

What is Electrostatic Atomized Water Technology?
Based on the source here
"The electrostatic atomized water technology" is generating nano-sized water particles by gathering invisible moisture in the air and by applying high voltage.
These electrified water particles are called "electrostatic atomized water" and contain highly reactive components that easily affect wide variety of substances. This particle can inhibit virus and bacteria; and reduces pesticides"

Not just to make our skin healthy and moisturized well,
Nanoe Technology also has lot of goodness,
Click Here to see the benefits in Nanoe Technology.

What i felt about Japanese people and culture, is they think about every little important detail,in order to make our life much easier.
even in a electronic and households products,

Face Steamer
Face Steamer
Mbak Hepi used this face steamer before she started the make up process, so we know that before we do our make up,taking care of our skin is so important!
I think there are lots of girls out there (and me too) will love this products and use it as our very own luxury skincare tool.

For me, i think i prefer to use it at night right before i applied my skincare
So my skin will be 100% ready to absorb my skincare routine
Thats because i'm really into skincare for this past 2 years

TJ Says
What i love from this beauty tools is :
1. It will instantly make our skin hydrated and glowing
2. Its very multifunction because we can use it to rinse our make up and to moisturize our skin before the make up process start
3. The size is quite compact, so i think i still can bring it on my suitcase if i have to traveling somewhere

And for the complete specs we can simply click here

Panasonic Hairdryer EH-NA65

Panasonic Hair Dryer
Panasonic Hair Dryer with nanoe technology

Unlike any other hairdryer that will just care to DRY and STYLE our hair in the process,
Panasonic also care about our hair condition.
Based from what i read here while we are drying our hair, nanoe particle will also penetrate our hair and maintain the optimum moisture to keep our hair cuticle in a good condition.

TJ Says
I own this hairdryer at home from Zoom In Beauty last year,
What i TOTALLY LOVE from this product is, because i wash my long hair almost everyday, i need some hairdryer that will keep my hair shiny and soft. This tools help me a LOT with that.
And in the end of the day, this tools also makes my life much easier

Hair styles EH-HS95
Once again, because this is one of the best product from panasonic,
This hair straightener/ styling product also care about how to lessen the damaging risks during the process,
So based on the description here,
The nanoe technology will help to moisture our hair and protect our hair from the heat.

TJ Says
Beside using hairdryer everyday, i also using this hair styling product almost everyday (i said almost because sometimes i will just let my hair straight or i will just make a bun on the top of my head)
So i need some tools that will not ruin my long hair.
This tools helps me much on it.
But besides this products, i suggest to keep using a hair serum or conditioner before do the styling.


TJ's favorite 
If you ask me which products out of 3 i love the most? i will answer that FACE STEAMER is my favorite.
And beside this 3, i suggest my readers to also googling about Face and Hair Ionizer that can be used everyday everytime!

I have this in my room and i will use it everynight after my evening skincare routine...
I love to use it that way because i believe this Face and Hair Ionizer will helps me to keep my skin glowing and improve my skin texture.. !
Face and Hair Ionizer

7. The Crowd and The Fun Part

Besides learning how to do make up and hairstyling, of course i want to meet my old friends and meeting new friends during the session :)
That's also important, to keep in touch with people who have the same interest with me, keeping up with them after a year of idle..
Here some picture from the event

 I sat next to Jessie from beautyappetite on the event
She helps me a lot with the pictures i showed here..
Thank you for letting me borrow your cam and using your pictures on my blog Jess hahaha..

Jess is such a beauty
Me and Jessie
All of us ! Source

Outfit Of The Day

Dress by  ChloeAndrea

Because the dress code is fuschia and white
(Thank you so much for the dress)
I choose to wear this sabrina dress, and pair it with my pearl earrings
Do you like it ?


TJ Says :

Im so happy that i can finally go to the event again!
Looking forward to go to another events..
Invite me!
And as long as it is not on the working days and working hours
(i'm a bankers and still have to work everyday of course)
I will gladly come and write again :)

Thanks for reading
And see you on my next post (or next event)



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