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Merry Christmas Darling!

Its not too late to say 'Merry Xmas' to you, (Because today is still December)  And New Year hasn't yet here... ;-p
How's your holiday? Are you going somewhere to enjoy your Christmas holiday with your family? Or, you just stay at home like me? But i don't feel bored at all
(Hmm..hmmm.. hmmm)

I can celebrate Christmas with my family (BIG FAMILY) and Erick  But we are sad Papa isn't here to celebrate Christmas.. My dad passed away on 1'st October..
Yes.. he died 3 days after my birthday..  And now its just me, Erick, Mom, Sister, Nephew and Brother in law... 
But we believe he is now in a better place, And we supposed to celebrate Christmas with positive mind, knowing that every single happened for a reason..

So we must celebrate Christmas this year with smile! And just like last year, im posing with my Christmas outfit You can check it here
last year christmas post,
  I choose white theme this year,
Because i love white (its not a se…