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Dear Readers,, I’m back to you to share my experience with BEAR BRAND Gold… My recent To Go magic elixir to maintain my healthy life ! Wanna know more about BEAR BRAND Gold? (PS I suggest you to grab one before you read this post because you’ll end up drooling  !) As a bankers and bloggers.. I need to stay fit and healthy.. (Due to the bad weather) And also I must keep in shape (So I can wear any outfit and post it in my blog ;) ) I can give you a great solution to cover all your needs! BEAR BRAND Gold is my favorite magic elixir that keep me healthy and fulfill my vitamin needs everyday I drink BEAR BRAND Gold almost everyday before breakfast And sometimes I drink BEAR BRAND Gold to replace my dinner to stay in shape, since it’s low fat milk BEAR BRAND Gold contains lots of vitamins and antioxidant that we need everyday  BEAR BRAND Gold has 2 yummy variances, BEAR BRAND White Tea (which is my favorite o