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"Who are we? GIRLS What we LOVE the most?  MAKE UP!"

Hello ladies... How are you :)? I hope you are doing well! Im so happy i can finally back to you and write about my make up shopping experience in GLAMIZKA ! Look at this beautiful stuffs!

 Now tell me you are not drooling over these cuties! And i'm SURE you are now looking a good reason to shop :) And yes, you can choose 
"Ah.. CHRISTMAS IS APPROACHING and i need something to make me looks beautiful! a new lipstick(s) maybe?"
 SURE ;) go to GLAMIZKA now!

So this is what i bought yesterday :) 1. GLAMGLOW Brightmud eye treatment 2. MISSLYN luminous make up shade porcelain 3.NYX Eyeshadow base 4.The Face Shop Lovely Me Ex Aquaproof Marker Tint shade 1 5. Borjouis Pot Blush shade Rose D'or  6. The Faceshop Chia Seed Fresh Cleansing Foam

 And what i LOVE from Glamizka is  1. They sell more than 40 make up and skincare brands! 2. You can choose any samples you want! (Yeahh!) 3. They also sell Men's needs so this web is not jus…