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"Who are we? GIRLS What we LOVE the most?  MAKE UP!" Hello ladies... How are you :)? I hope you are doing well! Im so happy i can finally back to you and write about my make up shopping experience in GLAMIZKA ! Look at this beautiful stuffs!  Now tell me you are not drooling over these cuties! And i'm SURE you are now looking a good reason to shop :) And yes, you can choose  "Ah.. CHRISTMAS IS APPROACHING and i need something to make me looks beautiful! a new lipstick(s) maybe?"  SURE ;) go to GLAMIZKA now! So this is what i bought yesterday :) 1. GLAMGLOW Brightmud eye treatment 2. MISSLYN luminous make up shade porcelain 3. NYX Eyeshadow base 4. The Face Shop Lovely Me Ex Aquaproof Marker Tint shade 1 5. Borjouis Pot Blush shade Rose D'or  6. The Faceshop Chia Seed Fresh Cleansing Foam     And what i LOVE from Glamizka is  1. They sell more than 40 make up and skincare