Mastering The Art of Clear Skin Workshop by Menard

Hello My Dear Readers...
How are you ?
Ah its so good to be back here and write to you all...
Today i will share my happy experience when i attended Female Daily and Menard event last Saturday
"Mastering The Art of Clear Skin"

I always LOVE to join their event,
Because Menard has a good range of skincare and simple technique (so we will easily followed the steps everyday).
I even manage to massage my skin at least 3 mins everyday..
(face massage is one of their best technique to get a healthy skin)

Before we start, you can also read my article about Menard event last year here,
One day at Menard Seibu Grand Indonesia

1. Skin Check

The event started at 8 am (yes.. 8 am) in The Oakwood Premiere Cozmo, kuningan.. And we got a chance to check our skin condition (yeayy). I found this method is quite interesting because they comparing our face skin (around cheek) and our arm skin,,, so they will got the whole picture of our skin condition.. and my skin condition is a bit dry at that time....

But hey, i am proud of myself because if you check my article about Menard last year here you will find that my skin age is older than my actual age...So last year my skin age is 27 and my real age is 26..
Now my skin is younger a year than my age.. yeayyy

Simple Skin Check Tools
This is the result.. my moisture, supplenes, and texture is ok, but my future pigmentation is very BAD!
You know, i got freckles since i was just 10 y'o..
I cant do nothing about it because it runs on my family...
My mom has it, my aunties, my grandma..

Based on my skin check results, Menard Beauty Assistant suggest me to try Fairlucent Pack White Mask to reduce the freckles (pigmentation) on my skin.

2. The Event

The event start at around 9 after we've got our skincheck results.. The fashionable Mbak Affi (co founder of Female Daily) open the event and greet us! so happy i can finally meet her again ^^
Look at her outfit! i LOVE it :)

Oh, hi mbak Affi!
After Mbak Affi, Winny from Menard give us a presentation about the importance of double cleansing, face massage and the full range of Menard Skincare.
I will try to summarize everything here for you..

Menard suggest a few steps to get a beauty and youthful skin..

A. Double Cleansing
Whether we put make up everyday or not, double cleansing is a MUST readers...
We must do this every single day. Double cleansing consist cleansing milk and facial wash..

Cleansing process removes make up, oil, and any impurities..
Dirt from make up, sebum, and pollution will be removed on this process
 And cleansing proces removes dirt inside our pores..

Washing process removes dead skin cells, germs, sweats,
And to be remembered, this process only cleanse the upper layer of our skin.
So if we just washed our face without cleanse it with milk/oil cleanser, the dirt and oil in our pores will still be there and clogging our pores,,,

 B. Revitalizing Skin
Consists massage and Mask..
As  i said before, facial massage is one of Menard technique to facilitate blood flow and help to relieve skin fatigue, it will makes our skin texture better and better everyday.. they suggest us to do this at least 1 min per day, but i knew it has to be more than just a minute!
We want the best for our skin right? make time to do this everyday and remember to do it softly, not too harsh readers :)

Mask is good to deliver nutrition to our skincell depends on what our skin needs. Based on my skin check result, Menard BA suggest me to use the whitening mask.. to reduce my bad freckles.
So facial mask 2/3 times per week is so important.

C. Moisturize
There are 3 important steps based on Menard's technique. There are Lotion, Emulsion, and Cream
remember this 3 steps.
Moisturizer is not enough to fulfil our skin needs, we still need the emulsion (serum) and lotion (preserum) to complete the steps and i already stick to this method for more than a year..


After a short presentation by Winny from Menard, we got a chance to use Menard's mask based on our skin needs... but before the process, we cleanse our make up using Menard Lisicare cleansing milk, Menard  and wash it with this foam..

They made a foam using a spoon and stir it in a glass.. this is how facial foam should be..
a thick, full cream foam,that will easily cleanse your skin from dirt and oil :)
I must learn to make foam like this!

4. Facial Mask

We had so much fun during the process.. seeing our friends face green and white with masks.. its just... funny :) we even took a wefie !
Do not scare my readers.. i know this might looks scary but the result will be good!

Don't run!

When i put the mask on my face, i feel a bit tingling and warm sensation on my skin..
Its because the masks contain antioxidant and vitamin c..
But this lasts only for the first 5 minutes..

Winny said if its happened for more than 5 mins,
The mask is probably a bit too hard for your skin...
And better we removed it..

 After i removed the mask,
there are 3 following steps to complete the skin care..
here is the product

There are 3 steps :
Lotion, essence, and moisturizer
Embellier Liquid lotion, Embellir Essence, and Fairlucent Day cream (moisturizer)
And tadaaaa i have complete all the Menard Skin Care Method..
I wish my skin will be better after this

Yeay,,, Thank You Femaledaily and Menard!

After the event is done, taking selfie is a must!
Im happy i can get lots of new friend, and meet my fellow FD friends here...
Here is the picture,

I'll see you again on the next event!
I hope you enjoy reading my article here :)
See you readers!

Special thanks for FEMALEDAILY for inviting me to this event :)

With Love,


  1. Halo theresia... kemarin qta udh ketemu ya berarti.. seru bgt ya iyu foamnya bs super tebell.. hihi


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