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Mastering The Art of Clear Skin Workshop by Menard

Hello My Dear Readers... How are you ? Ah its so good to be back here and write to you all... Today i will share my happy experience when i attended Female Daily and Menard event last Saturday "Mastering The Art of Clear Skin" I always LOVE to join their event, Because Menard has a good range of skincare and simple technique (so we will easily followed the steps everyday). I even manage to massage my skin at least 3 mins everyday.. (face massage is one of their best technique to get a healthy skin) Before we start, you can also read my article about Menard event last year here, One day at Menard Seibu Grand Indonesia 1. Skin Check The event started at 8 am (yes.. 8 am) in The Oakwood Premiere Cozmo, kuningan.. And we got a chance to check our skin condition (yeayy). I found this method is quite interesting because they comparing our face skin (around cheek) and our arm skin,,, so they will got the whole picture of our skin condition.. and my