Fuschia Songket takes Osaka (Japan Trip Day 2)

Dear Readers...
This is my second post about my journey in Japan..
This outfit is also favorite out of 6 outfit i wore while Im in Japan
And i still bring Indonesia culture along...
Hope you like it readers... :)

I decide to bring a midi hi-waist skirt songket from Kokaind
and wear a matching fuschia top..
And also add a golden necklace and bangles also from Kokaind 

I choose something that describes my look, with a touch of pink fuschia
Simply because fuschia is the dress code that day,
And i need something that scream 'Indonesia' on my look..

So here's the picture :)

This picture was taken in train station before we go to Panasonic Center Osaka,
I must admit, Japanese people know how to dressed up well, especially the young generation!
So they really look like a girl and boy from comic...
Exactly like that...
The boys even wax their eyebrow!

So how do you think of this look friends?
I hope you do like it :)
 And i hope you can also wear batik and songket with proud at least once per week!

See you on my next post readers...
I still have lots of things to tell you !

With Love,


  1. Nice photos shoot theresia,nice to know you

  2. Wow this is truly awesome Tess! I love your wardrobe but i think your wardrobe loves you more. Very elegant, lovely design

    1. assalamualaikum abang..
      Thank you bang :) im glad you like it :)
      God bless you and happy feasting!


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