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"How To Get Olivia Lazuardy Elegant Make Up Look 27 June 15"

Hello Readers... Im back to you to tell you the detail of How To Get Olivia Lazuardy Elegant Make Up Look event With Kanebo, MyLittleBrownBox, Samsung, and Eric Kayser yesterday Because i wanna know more about Kanebo products, and Olivia is one of my favorite blogger, I didnt think twice to registered myself on the event! And yes, this is my second event with Kanebo, I've joined their event last year with Mr. Mutsuya Sakai in Pasific Place.. So, let the story begin! (don't forget to prepare your snacks because this post will be a LONG POST)  LOL Me and Olivia So i arrived at 10 am and go straight to the venue, Eric Kayser in Plaza Senayan 3rd floor And do the registration before the event started And we can also do the skin check before the event start, but unfortunately, i didnt get mine :( But thats okay, i just cant wait to start :)! When i enter the venue, I got a warm welcome from all the team, Kanebo, Mylittlebrownbox, a

Fuschia Songket takes Osaka (Japan Trip Day 2)

Dear Readers... This is my second post about my journey in Japan.. This outfit is also favorite out of 6 outfit i wore while Im in Japan And i still bring Indonesia culture along... Hope you like it readers... :) I decide to bring a midi hi-waist skirt songket from Kokaind and wear a matching fuschia top.. And also add a golden necklace and bangles also from Kokaind  I choose something that describes my look, with a touch of pink fuschia Simply because fuschia is the dress code that day, And i need something that scream 'Indonesia' on my look.. So here's the picture :) This picture was taken in train station before we go to Panasonic Center Osaka, I must admit, Japanese people know how to dressed up well, especially the young generation! So they really look like a girl and boy from comic... Exactly like that... The boys even wax their eyebrow! So how do you think of this look friends? I hope you do

Osaka Castle and Batik Skirt.... (Japan Trip day 1)

Dear Friends... How are you? Im so happy i can write to you again today :)  Btw, do you know? I went to Japan from 29 May- 4 June with Panasonic, And during the Japan trip,  I bring Indonesian essence with me almost everyday! This post is where i arrived at Osaka and went to Osaka Castle on my first day in Japan Wearing a beautiful batik skirt from Swanstwenty called Royal Skirt I believe you will fall in love with it... Me and Osaka Castle Im so lucky because the weather in Japan was so good when i was there,, Its not too cold anymore.. :) So i dont need to bring my coat or whatsoever And for the first day, i choose to wear champagne gold nuance for my outfit :) Do you like it ? The Beautiful Osaka Castle Standing Tall Can you see Osaka Castle behind me? Thank you Swanstwenty ! Beside the castle area, They also have a beautiful garden and shops there And i wanna show you one of the best part.. The garden and flowers :)