My Weekend with BLACKGARLIC the Living Receipe

Hello Readers...
How's your weekend?
I spend my weekend to do something i rarely do after i work in a bank..
Dancing? Doing some workout? wrong guess!


Can you believe i can cook?
When i still very active in dancing world, i have a few days off every week so i can still cook, but now, after i have to work fro 8 to 5 everyday, and sometimes i must attend some events on weekends, 
I simply have no time to BUY ingredients, and googling some recipes...

2 menu is MORE than enough
I cook for me and my Papa :)
So, i cooked 2 menus,
Thai Beef Green Curry and Ayam Rica-Rica
And turns out i'm very satisfy with my cook (thanks to BlackGarlic)
Eat yummy food from restaurant is 

BlackGarlic has a very interesting concept, thats why im so excited to try it!
1. The recipe is come from one of the most well known chef, WILLIAM WONGSO :)
2. We got 3 various menus (that changes every weeks! you can check the menu on the web)
3. They packed the (high quality) ingredients in small container with the complete recipe
 4. Its so easy to cook it! i can cook 2 menus in just less than 30 mins can you believe it?

Ayam Rica-Rica and Green Curry Beef

For me, this is a good idea for us who are WILLING to LEARN how to COOK..
Come on ladies :) let's surprised our family and beloved friends with our cook :)
And its more better if we can cook it, not just buy it
As simple as that!

And since its William Wongso's recipe,
You won't feel disappointed with the taste :) trust me!

 Click Me!

Dont forget to join BlackGarlic
And use code JONGKRUTOP to get Rp 50.000,- discount !
So what are you waiting for readers?

With Love,


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