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My Weekend with BLACKGARLIC the Living Receipe

Hello Readers... How's your weekend? I spend my weekend to do something i rarely do after i work in a bank.. Dancing? Doing some workout? wrong guess! I COOK! Hahaha... Can you believe i can cook? When i still very active in dancing world, i have a few days off every week so i can still cook, but now, after i have to work fro 8 to 5 everyday, and sometimes i must attend some events on weekends,  I simply have no time to BUY ingredients, and googling some recipes... 2 menu is MORE than enough I cook for me and my Papa :) So, i cooked 2 menus, Thai Beef Green Curry and Ayam Rica-Rica And turns out i'm very satisfy with my cook (thanks to BlackGarlic ) Eat yummy food from restaurant is  BlackGarlic has a very interesting concept, thats why im so excited to try it! 1. The recipe is come from one of the most well known chef, WILLIAM WONGSO :) 2. We got 3 various menus (that changes every weeks! you can check the menu on the web) 3. They

Vintage Bronze Outfit

Happy Monday readers... I hope you're doing well and had a FUN weekend last week So how you spent your weekend? Are you going somewhere during long holiday? I went to my grandmother's house in Kota on Thursday, And i can't resist to take a good chance and take a pictures there Look at the door and windows! It matches with my vintage outfit  Top by Divine Duchess by Monica Yuliana Skirt by Swanstwenty Shoes by Bellashoes Bag LV Elipse This place makes me think a lot about how my mother, aunties and uncles lived here.. And i also think about how my grandma dressed up on the year of 40's, 50's, and 60's My grandma has a very good sense of fashion!  She is a very well dressed woman until now And i'm pretty sure i've seen her picture wearing midi skirt like mine :) Click to see it on my IG i love how my top and skirt color matches perfectly! Do you like how i dressed readers? If you do, you can still fin

Spotlight Wrap Songket Skirt

Hello Readers... Im back again after last week i brought you pink dress by kivee article, Have you checked their site and found anything you like there? I hope you do :) So, readers...   I'm so in love with songket these days.. I love songket instantly brightened up my skin tone And i suggest you to have it too! I took it from KokaInd Instagram ! Look at these beautiful fabrics! Want to bring them home? Seeing their color makes me end up like this "i want thiiiss... i want thaaattt" Click it! Picture taken by : Cynthia Bustan Top : Unbranded Skirt : Kokaind Shoes : Bershka Bag : Kate Spade (Black) & New Look (Nude) Not just because i love how the color instantly brightened up my skin tone With the most vibrant colors like orange, gold, yellow, and etc But i also love how this skirt is sooo versatile! I can wear it to office or to hang out :) Take a look at this beautiful skirt!  Once it arrive

Lumiere SS15 by Kivee

Hello Readers...  How.. Are.. You???? Sorry for my looonnggg idle... Im busy doing this and that lately, But im thrilled because finally i can greet you trough my blog again ^^ I love my pink dress! Click to see the details!  This dress is one of Kivee Lumiere SS15 beautiful collection (you've seen me wearing their collection before here ) I love the color, i love the comfortable fabric, This is so match with the theme.. SPRING For this collection, Kivee gives us so much pastels color pallette Comes in a beautiful dresses, tops, and outer.. I must admit i end up liking almost all of their collection this time :) This dress is sooo classy! Add pearl accessory and you are ready to go! Dress by : Kivee Shoes by : Bershka  Wear your favorite pearl necklace, and you are ready to go! Dont forget to show your back, Because this dress has a deep V cutting on the back... Go check their site and find anything you like