Panasonic Zoom In Beauty 3 Winner

Dear My Readers..

I would like to say THANK YOU for your support and votes for me on Panasonic Zoom In Beauty 3
I can make it into the workshop stage (23-25 March 2015) and out as a winner of Zoom In Beauty 3
If you attend the show, you will see my SHOCK face when i heard the MC called my name..

So this is a few pictures from Panasonic Zoom In Beauty 3 competition..
I hope you like it :)

Me and Aldora Handoyo,
She is Zoom In Beauty 2 winner and also Miss Jambi 2014!
I wish i could get a chance to be like her too..
Me, introducing myself on the final day..
Panasonic directors, judges, and the winners
Panasonic Zoom In Beauty 3 program is so fun! 
We can learn so many things during this program..
I also got 8 new friends from Jakarta, Banyuwangi, Surabaya, Batam, and Medan :)
(i will post the detail of the program on my next post!)
Left to Right : Ayu Mutia (Favorite), me, and Anita Yasmin (Runner Up)

For you who passed this GREAT chance this year..
  Make sure you wont miss this chance next year! 
And don't miss my next post to see the detail of the show 

With Love,
Theresia Juanita


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