a Wonderful Sunday With My Family

Dear My Readers..
When was the last time you go with your family?
Do you go with your family often? LUCKY You!
I only can go with my family only when my mom back to Jakarta because she is working abroad..
And she coming home every 2 or 3 months!

 So yesterday i spend my time going to church together with my family
And having lunch together after...
(And having dinner together after of course :)
Sadly my sister can't come with us yesterday
Because she is attending Hi-5 concert if you know what i mean....

Do i look like my mom?
Mom and Dad
Me, My Mom, and My Dad.. its a rare chance!

Beside spending a wonderful time with my family,
I also taking lots of picture of my outfit,
Because the place is too beautiful to be missed !

And do you know who taking these pictures? not my dad.. not my mom..
I did ask my dad to took my pictures..
But one of the waiter took the cam and ask me to posing in some spots!
(I wish there are MORE waiters like him)

LBD by Zara
Shoes by Stradivarius
Bag by Kate Spade

Wearing LBD is the right thing to do since i gain 2 kilos!
You can see how chubby my cheek is!

 Napoleon is the icon on this restaurant,
So the waiter asked me to took pictures under the big Napoleon..
I'm so in love with the decor..
Beside the Napoleon, the monochrome tiles are also one of this restaurant's it thing! 

I'm sure you are familiar with this restaurant decor because sooo many bride doing pre-wedding photoshoot here
That's all for today..
Im sorry because this post is more like a diary than a fashion content :)
But i'm happy i can write to you again.
And i hope you are happy to read this too :)

See you and have a nice Monday!

With Love,
Theresia Juanita


  1. you look stunning dear


  2. Kak bodinya bagus. Pengen deh pake dress begitu.



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