Theresia Juanita, Being Featured by Jawa Pos, For Her 3 January 2014

Hello Readers..
Happy new year!
I wish you a very good year, fill with success, happiness, and love :)
Im sure you had a wonderful new year moment
And i'm sure you had a wonderful new year eve..

For me, i got a beautiful surprise to start this new year,,
I got a message from Puspita, one of Jawa Pos reporter, 
And she asked me if i wanna being featured on Jawa Pos, For Her article..

My preparation before the photo session started

This is one of my best moment :)
For Her is a special column for woman in Jawa Post newspaper,
There are tips, news, and bloggers from Surabaya and Jakarta.
This section are made to inspired Jawa Post female readers...

These are my pictures when i met Jawa Post Photographer, Frederick Tarigan
One.. Two.. Three... there are a few eyeshadow swatches on my hand :)

Im enjoying every process,,
And do whatever it takes to make a good shots ;)
Im soo happy readers... 
You can see it on my face!

And here is the article,
You can see the small preview on Jawa Post website,
But to read full article,
You must subscribe the newsletter..

You can buy Jawa Pos in big bookstore in Jakarta,
And if you leave in Surabaya, you cam find it right away!

Oh btw, i will blogging about what i wore that day on the photoshoot,
Pink and Red, yeah i understand whats on your mind,
How can i put pink and red together because i used to be a monochrome or white on white girl..

Next post will be uploaded very soon!
Thank you for reading my blog readers..
Now im off to some place to hang out!
Its Saturday anyway ;)

With Love,
Theresia Juanita


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