'Tanah Mama', a Beautiful Documetary That TOUCH My Heart Deeply

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Hello Readers,,,
How are you, and hows your weekend?
Are you going somewhere to spend your weekend?
Are you going out town?

If you ask me,
I spend my Saturday to join Femina Group event,
Nobar (Nonton Bareng) Tanah Mama documentary movie, (Direct by Asrida Elisabeth, Wamena church volunteer, and produced by Nia Dinata) in Blitz Megaplex, Pacific Place.
There are no script at all on this movie, so this is the real picture of how people in Wamena lives
You can read the synopsis by clicking the poster above, click here and here

If i can tell you, shortly, this movie is giving us a real picture about Wamena natives live..
And how Mama Halosina (main character on this movie),
struggle to live and raising her 4 children alone, because her husband is no longer take any responsibility to take care of her and their children properly...

The way Mama Halosina touched my heart is beautiful.. readers...
There are some parts in this movie, when Mama Halosina have to deal with her sister in law because she took some yams from her sister in law garden for her children, because they are no longer have a field to plant yams.. (its her husband responsibility to open field to plant )

And her sister in law accuse her theft from her garden..
It makes Mama Halosina have to pay a big amount of money, unless they will bring this case to Police.
And it makes me sad how Mama Halosina husband, Hosea is refused to help Mama solved this case..

Mama Halosina and her children
When i looked at Mama Halosina,
I see fear in her eyes, but i can see how she try to keep strong, when she must face this alone..
She didnt angry, she didnt run from this trouble, she face it beautifully..

Mama Halosina comes to her sister in law's house and tribe chief office for a few times to solve this things out, but her sister in law is refusing to take back this case.. :( it makes me sooo sad..
I can see the irony, how the people in Papua, Wamena lived in a very rich soil..
(Their land is rich with mineral and mining)
And you will see how beautiful their land is if you watch this beautiful movie..
But they are living in poverty...

Seeing how much people in Papua, (and surely in other place in Indonesia)
I feel sooo ashamed with myself and my lifestyle...
How ungrateful am i sometimes.. 
How i sometimes spend my money for something unnecessary..

Do you know?
Even Mama Halosina lived in poverty,
She still gives a yams as her offering in church..
Its a good reflection for myself,
it will reminds me to also help those in needs..
Because if Mama halosina can gives from her needs, i can give too..

Seeing this movie is indeed open my eyes for things i never can imagine before...
And it reminds me of putting other needs over mine...
If you interest in some inspiring movie, please watch this movie..
For it changes my way of thinking (hopefully forever)

Asrida Elisabeth, me, and Nia Dinata
I want to thank to Asrida Elizabeth, and Nia Dinata for this movie,
and how this movie brings such a big impact in my life...
Its a blessing to have a chance to watch this movie..

Im not saying watching love or fantasy movies are bad, (because i love to watch it too!)
But, in my opinion, this movie is a good reflection for us..

With Love,
Theresia Juanita


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