Stabillo Green and Unusual Crown

Yes.. I'm talking about my skirt and my hair accessory :)
Welcome Readers...
Now i'm blogging about my outfit when i attended Nobar Tanah Mama with Femina Group last Saturday.
Wearing my stabillo green skirt and my beautiful headpiece (that almost looks like a crown). 
Pearl accessories always be my first choice nowadays..
Not just because it will matches perfectly with my white outfit (i own so many white dresses, top, skirts),
But it also give some 'classy feel' on your whole look..

Talking about unusual crown,
You know every girl would love to wear a crown!
(maybe not every girl, maybe just me with my childhood dreams)
I want to wear a crown but in a modern way..

So the day before, i went to Zara Plaza Senayan,
And i found this beautiful hair accessory, that looks like a crown..
I even tried it on my head for a few times until im convincing myself to buy it..
It ends up become one of my favorite accessory :)

Do you like it readers?

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Im trying to find other angle and expression..
Because if i take a look at my pictures on blog and laptop,
I just smile.. smile.. and smile...
So i tried to put a cold expression like this...

Cold and straight expression..
Yep... smile again..

But i just cant hold my mood
And i put a big smile on my face again readers!

I think, smiling expression is my trademark..
(Or i can't do other expression than smiling)
Just trying to be honest ahahahaha....

Crop Top by Laseour Closet
White Cropped Jacket Unbranded
Stabillo Green Skirt X.S.M.L
Shoes Bershka
Bag Louis Vuitton
White Leather Watch Calvin Klein

My skirt is also my favorite that day...
I love everything about this skirt..
The length, the color, the cutting, it fits my waist perfectly!
X.S.M.L doing a great job with this skirt..
I can wear it also with my tee or my tank top :)
Left to Right : Asrida Elizabeth (Tanah Mama director), me, Nia Dinata (Tanah Mama producer)
Thanks for reading,
And see you on my next post readers :)

With Love
Theresia Juanita


  1. Body nya bikin pengennnnn :( huhuhuhu
    Nice post dear (^^) Love it

    1. Hello lishaa...
      Thanks udah mampir ke blog ku yaaa
      smg bs ketemu lagi kalau ada next event


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