Poppy Red Necklace

Sponsored by @ItsMolli

Dear Readers..
What will you do when you feel your dress is way too plain?
Yess... add a bold accessories..
And that's what i do exactly last Saturday..
I add some red bold accessories on my boring LBD

So, last saturday i went to one of my Dbeibz (Ka Denada dancers) friends,
I must make sure this dress won't be a trouble for me
Because we will have to do the flashmob on her wedding as a surprise!

Btw some people thought i already engaged because of this ring, but this ring is actually from my mom -_-
Because i was so confused, i choose this Zara LBD, (i own it since 2008 and just wore it once!)
And add some beautiful red poppy necklace, red lipstick, and wore a pair of red shoes to give a bold touch of my whole look!

Red Poppy Necklace, My NEW BABY
This beautiful necklace is from @Itsmolli 
You can check it on their IG,
They also have this necklace in frozen blue color!
This necklace will be a style saviour for me because i usually go with my plain top
This necklace will totally complete my look!

Dress by Zara
Necklace by Itsmolli
Shoes by Suite Blanco
I just took a few OOTD picture because im busy preparing myself to do a flashmob that night
Yes.. i will start to dance again readers...
As you seen on my 2015 resolution

I will need a few weeks to get used with it..
But i don't mind ...
This is what i want to do!

Here's the picture of the event...
You can also see my Dbeibz and Dgirlz (They are Kak Denada's band...)

Lia,K OP, and Me
Here comes the Groom (K Agoy) and the Bride (my sister kak DY)
We are hiding before the flashmob started!
We are Dbeibz and Dgirlz

That night was wonderful!
I love to remember everything about it!
Once again, congratulation to my sist kak Dy and kak Agoy
(they both are dancer!)
So the wedding reception were full with dancers!

That's all readers,,,
Thank you for visiting my blog...
Hope you will get a wonderful Monday guys!

With Love,


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