Hippie Rock Hype

Hippie Rock Hype!
Dear Readers...
How's your first week of work?
(I still hear you scream for more holiday.. But trust me, i disagree with you readers..)
Im so excited to go back to work again.. 
Because just stayed at home makes me bored to the max!

I feel happy because i can have my daily activity as a bankers again...
And by the way....
Are you gaining some weight during the holiday readers?
I gain 3 pounds in just 2 weeks... sounds nice huh? -_-

Okay.. Stop discussing about our long holiday and weight.. 
So, this is my second post this year..
"Hippie Rock Hype"
Now tell me,
What do you think when you see me, wearing this outfit, readers?

Lately, i joined Clozette Co and Clozette Indonesia project with Lazada.
(Click my 'Clozette Indonesia' label if you wanna know more about Clozette)
With other 3 Clozette Co ambassadors from Malaysia, Philippine, and Singapore,
Modelling outfit from Lazada with different styles 
Hippie (we are all wearing hippie style on this picture), Sporty, Party, Pretty, and Rock style...
Click to see the article on Clozette Indonesia and Clozette Co web!

Me and Clozette Co ambassadors wearing the same Hippie style!
This is my first project with Clozette Co ambassadors!
And the pretty girls that stand beside me,
They are all a top blogger from their country..
And i feel honored to represent Clozette Indonesia on this project :)
(Thank you Clozette.Co, Clozette Indonesia, and Lazada)

Top : Lazada
Jeans : Lazada
Blazer : its My Mom's
Ankle Boots : Charles and Keith

Do you think i just can do feminine style?
Nope! I can do this Hippie Rock style too..
I know I'm not doing this often,
And in real life, you will see me as a very feminine girl..

But guess what... 
I fall in love with this style as well!
So tell me..
Do you like it readers?
 Or you prefer to see me on my dresses and pretty skirts?

Thanks for visiting my blog  readers...
I hope you like it
And see you on my next post :)

With Love,
Theresia Juanita


  1. Replies
    1. Im glad you like it ciciii... im waiting for another project with Clozette Indonesia hehehe

  2. I really like this look. And fringes are having a thing next season (or so I was told...)
    Congrats on this opportunity!

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. Thank you Linda... im glad you like it...
      Oh fringe will be the next trend?! i will buy more fringes then...
      Thanks for your comment

    2. Well, at least as I heard. But I am no fashion blogger for sure, so better check back with someone else before investing too much ;)

  3. You always look great in whatever you put on. Be it feminine or hippie rock style. Go girl, go. So beautiful.

  4. I really love this set of pictures, the movement reflected in the pictures make them interesting. i think you should incorporate more body movements in your modeling photos and take advantage of your dance background! love these TJ, good job!

    1. Thank You mbak Lenaa... :) iya mestinya photo2 nya agak sambil pose nari ya mbakk :) makasih masukannya mbak Lena


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