Dancing in Marsala Cheongsam

Hello Readers...
Chinese New Year is approaching..
And i started to find lots of CNY decoration everywhere...
If everyone started to celebrate it..
Its time for me to preparing my CNY dress...

Have you preparing your CNY outfit readers?
I got this beautiful Cheongsam from Kivee
And what i like is, 
It comes in MARSALA color...

How can i not love the color...

Marsala will be our favorite color this year
And somehow,
I'm impressed with Kivee's instinct
They provide us exactly what we need!
Another Marilyn Monroe moment here...

Cheongsam in bright red could look too much sometimes,
But this color makes the dress itself look elegant... 
Raise your hands if you agree...
 (I hope you are raising your hands now.. hihihiii)

Btw readers..
Have i told you i already started to dance again (as i promise on my 2015 resolution)
So i will try to make a pose with a little dancing movements...
Someone also inspired me to do so ;)
And i hope you like it..

So, Lets Dance! !

One.. Two...
Three.. Four
Five.. Six..
Seven.. Eight..!
 This dress material is very comfortable...
Feels soft and not itchy at all..
(Im tired with all those lace because sometimes it feels soooo itchy on my skin)
And if you take a look at it closer, you will find 2 pockets on the dress..

I prefer to wear it with nude shoes, 
So the dress will be the centre of attention
and it will brightened the whole look

I tried to pair it with black shoes,
But i think it looks a bit... 
I dont know

I just don't like it, readers...
Click this picture to go straight to their site!
 Dress by Kivee Shop
Shoes by Bellashoes

 If you like this dress,
I suggest you to check their collection too..
They have lots of beautiful collection..
I still have 1 cape blazer from Kivee..
(We know cape blazer is still one of the hippest thing now)
I cant wait to show you the pictures..
I will post it later!

(Can you believe im wearing a capeblazer to office?)
Yeah why not?
Its still a BLAZER anyway ;) 

That's all readers...
See on my next post!
(Btw do you realize its almost the end of January?)
Wow... Chinese New Year..
Come Come Come!

With Love,
Theresia Juanita


  1. Happy chinese new year!


  2. Absolutely stunning look! I love the dress and the parasol! So fab

    Made in Mauve // Bloglovin


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