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Dancing in Marsala Cheongsam

Hello Readers... Chinese New Year is approaching.. And i started to find lots of CNY decoration everywhere... If everyone started to celebrate it.. Its time for me to preparing my CNY dress...
Have you preparing your CNY outfit readers? I got this beautiful Cheongsam from Kivee And what i like is,  It comes in MARSALA color...

Marsala will be our favorite color this year And somehow, I'm impressed with Kivee's instinct They provide us exactly what we need!

Cheongsam in bright red could look too much sometimes, But this color makes the dress itself look elegant...  Raise your hands if you agree...  (I hope you are raising your hands now.. hihihiii)
Btw readers.. Have i told you i already started to dance again (as i promise on my 2015 resolution) So i will try to make a pose with a little dancing movements... Someone also inspired me to do so ;) And i hope you like it..
So, Lets Dance! !
 This dress material is very comfortable... Feels soft and not itchy at all.. (Im…

Poppy Red Necklace

Dear Readers.. What will you do when you feel your dress is way too plain? Yess... add a bold accessories.. And that's what i do exactly last Saturday.. I add some red bold accessories on my boring LBD
So, last saturday i went to one of my Dbeibz (Ka Denada dancers) friends, I must make sure this dress won't be a trouble for me
Because we will have to do the flashmob on her wedding as a surprise!
Because i was so confused, i choose this Zara LBD, (i own it since 2008 and just wore it once!) And add some beautiful red poppy necklace, red lipstick, and wore a pair of red shoes to give a bold touch of my whole look!

This beautiful necklace is from @Itsmolli 
You can check it on their IG,
They also have this necklace in frozen blue color!
This necklace will be a style saviour for me because i usually go with my plain top This necklace will totally complete my look!

Dress by Zara Necklace by Itsmolli Shoes by Suite Blanco I just took a few OOTD picture because im busy preparing mys…

Critics Choice Movie Awards 2015 Best Dresses

Readers...  Im soo excited because there are so many event in Hollywood nowadays And there are lots of actress and actors with their glittery and beautiful look! And now, after we've been blinded by the glamorous of Golden Globe Awards 2015, Now there's Critics Choice Movie Awards!
Here's my favorite picks!
1. Angelina Jolie in Versace

2. Rosamund Pike in Valentino

3. Michele Monagan in Elie Saab

4. Genesis Rodriguez in Reem Acra

5.Leslie Mann in Reem Acra

8. Jessica Chastain in Antonio Berardi

My favorite dress would be Rosamund's Pike dress.. Yes,, Valentino is one of my favorite designer.. I also love Genesis Rodriguez Reem Acra dress.. If we see much Versace on Golden Globes dress picks, Now we see more Reem Acra.. Do you like my picks readers?

With Love,
Theresia Juanita

Stabillo Green and Unusual Crown

Welcome Readers...
Now i'm blogging about my outfit when i attended Nobar Tanah Mama with Femina Group last Saturday. Wearing my stabillo green skirt and my beautiful headpiece (that almost looks like a crown).  Pearl accessories always be my first choice nowadays.. Not just because it will matches perfectly with my white outfit (i own so many white dresses, top, skirts), But it also give some 'classy feel' on your whole look..

Talking about unusual crown,
You know every girl would love to wear a crown!
(maybe not every girl, maybe just me with my childhood dreams)
I want to wear a crown but in a modern way..

So the day before, i went to Zara Plaza Senayan,
And i found this beautiful hair accessory, that looks like a crown..
I even tried it on my head for a few times until im convincing myself to buy it..
It ends up become one of my favorite accessory :)

Do you like it readers?
Im trying to find other angle and expression..
Because if i take a look at my picture…

Golden Globes 2015 Best Dressed!

Hello Readers... Now i will post my best dressed pick from Golden Globe 2015 event! I must say there are lots of dresses i love! and i can't wait to share them.. Here's my picks!

 1. Heidi Klum in Versace
2. Emily Blunt in Michael Kors
3.  Christy Teigen in Zuhair Murad
4. Lorde in Narciso Rodriguez

5. Ellie Kemper in Naeem Khan
6. Naomi Watts in Gucci
7.Diane Kruger in Emilia Wickstead

8. Kate Hudson in Versace

9. Jane Fonda in Versace

'Tanah Mama', a Beautiful Documetary That TOUCH My Heart Deeply

Hello Readers,,, How are you, and hows your weekend? Are you going somewhere to spend your weekend? Are you going out town?
If you ask me, I spend my Saturday to join Femina Group event, Nobar (Nonton Bareng) Tanah Mama documentary movie, (Direct by Asrida Elisabeth, Wamena church volunteer, and produced by Nia Dinata) in Blitz Megaplex, Pacific Place. There are no script at all on this movie, so this is the real picture of how people in Wamena lives
You can read the synopsis by clicking the poster above, click here and here

If i can tell you, shortly, this movie is giving us a real picture about Wamena natives live.. And how Mama Halosina (main character on this movie), struggle to live and raising her 4 children alone, because her husband is no longer take any responsibility to take care of her and their children properly...
The way Mama Halosina touched my heart is beautiful.. readers... There are some parts in this movie, when Mama Halosina have to deal with her sister in law bec…