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 Dear my readers..

Today, i would like to introduce Syanni Artworks to you. This will helps my readers who loves to make a beautiful artworks, and want to make a beautiful and creative invitation, wanna customized their gadget case, or anything!

Feby Syanni is a Graphic Designer that known as the co-founder of Syanni Artworks (FYI: she is my classmate in college, we are pretty close though! ;) ). She is really in love with the art of illustrator, and to develop her artworks, she has been set up Syanni Artworks for her original artworks with special offer, such as made by request only one could have it. That called personalized illustrator and paper. 

Personalized Illustrator refers to self-portrait sketching or anything that could be in sketched. Nowadays, Syanni Artworks develop self-portrait picture into fashion illustration. Look at me I’m in her fashion illustration inspiration

Besides that, the picture that has been illustrated or sketched could be applied on phone case and canvas. Below this, It’s my picture applied on Iphone 6 case.

I Love it! if you remember my older post in kota tua, Jakarta, you will remember the source picture...
Yes its based from my picture. Febby makes it with a creativity and i love it!

For custom case they have the several phone cases that available in Syanni Artworks, such as: Apple, Blackberry, Asus, and Samsung.
Canvas available in 90x60cm and 60x40cm.

I know you have a favorite picture of you, you with your loved one, your pet, or anything... If you wanna put your favorite picture anywhere.. just ask Febby to make it for you darling...
(I know you want to look stylish head over heels, but remember, you also bring your gadget anywhere you go, so make sure it looks nice too!)

Beside this, they also make a personalized wedding invitation, party invitation, stationery, and greeting card.. And you know what, if you are creative enough, you can also make a PROPOSAL CARD!
Here, take a look..

So, what are you waiting for readers? Show what you feel and expression with Syanni Artworks! you can click to the logo above to go straightly go to their site.
Or if you still confuse and need a good input on how to personalized your greeting card, or you wanna make something and expressed it with card like this proposal card, feel free to consult your design with them.
I believe Febby will helps you with her creative ideas..

Contact them right now!

On WEB : Syanni Art Works
On INSTAGRAM : @syanniartworks
WA : +62 812 22402547


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