Stay Confident With NIVEA Extra Whitening Advanced Care Deodorant

Dear my Readers,
Here is my story of becoming a regular user of NIVEA Extra Whitening Advanced Care Deodorant
With my busy activity every day, that makes me running here and there to get things done,
I want to keep myself fresh and confident everyday..
As you can see on the video,
I have a GUTS to do the house hold works and then meet my friends or anyone after!
Wanna get a GUTS to do that like me?

NIVEA Extra Whitening Advanced Care Deodorant
NIVEA extra whitening deodorant contains a pearl extract and vitamin c on it..
The pearl extract will gives you smooth and even out underarm, while the vitamin C will brightened your underarm
Who wants to have a bright and smooth under arm?

And not just that,
This deodorant will gives you 48 hours protection,
So you can be like me, sweeping and mopping floor, and then meet up with my boyfriend without feeling anxious about having a bad odor..
With just 7 DAYS of using, you can get a smoother, brighter, and even toned armpit skin!
See you in here à

NIVEA Photo Competition
Now we are heading to the #NIVEAconfideo competition that will be running this month!
And win NIVEA product hampers worth of 1-years-supplies for 2 winners weekly!
Yes, 2 not just 1 winner, and weekly!
Winner will be picked weekly!
The rules are sooo simple,
You just take a picture of your most confidence pose and upload to Clozette Indonesia and Instagram by doing these simple steps:
  1. LOGIN or SIGN UP as Clozette Indonesia member
2.       UPLOAD photos with your most confident pose to Clozette Indonesia with hashtag #NIVEAConfideo
Or you can UPLOAD from your INSTAGRAM account that has been connected with your Clozette account with hashtag #ClozetteID #NIVEAConfideo*
*On your Clozette account, choose “Setting” menu > click “Switch ON” on Instagram Connect section
3.       Don’t forget to SEE you’re your photo and the other contestant’s photos on the gallery page
The photos you upload must be :
·      Selfie or OOTD with pose that screams confidence
·      Preferably wearing a sleeveless top
·      Subtly showing underarm
(the examples are like my photos above)
Isn’t it easy readers?
And plus, if you are already using NIVEA Extra Whitening Advanced Care Deodorant,
You don’t have to worried doing that kind of poses!
Let’s take a pictures and upload it..
Good luck!

With Love,
Theresia Juanita


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