New Year 2015 Elegance...

Hello Readers..
Christmas has passed (why oh why), and new year's eve is approaching!
So tell me what's your plan?
And have you prepared your new year's dress?
If you haven't, maybe i can help you ;)

New year identic with glamorous and elegance for me..
While Christmas outfit is more fun and comes in bright color like red (yeah mostly red), white, or green!
So, i choose to wear a nude-gold nuance color for my new year's eve outfit (yeah you see it first), 
And i try to make it subtle and not too much...

You can see this dress is gold, but the color is not too gold!
I don't wanna look like the Oscar statue,,
 If you see this dress in person, you won't notice the color is gold,
It looks like ivory if you see it, but if you see it closely you will see the beauuutifull soft gold color :)

I prefer to wear this dress with my white jacket, because Jakarta's weather is cold and rainy these days,
You can see me wearing this jacket a lot, and i already post it here
I tried to pair this dress with black jacket but i prefer to wear it with white,
If you prefer your whole look more EDGY, you can wear it with black readers..

Dress : Isis Jakarta in collaboration with The Executive
Jacket : I bought it in Guang Zhou on my holiday trip last year
Bag : New Look
Shoes : Steve Madden

Im sorry for sooo many photobombed on my pictures today..
Try to focused on me, readers..
Hahahaha... Kidding....:)

Well that's all for today readers..
I hope, you like my outfit choice for new year,
Thank you for reading, 
And see you on my next post!

With Love,
Theresia Juanita


  1. Love ur dress. Where can I buy the same one as urs?

    1. The dress is available at The executive store,,
      i love it too.. thank you Mrs. Violette...

  2. wow so beautiful! Love your dress <3

    xx nora

    1. Thank You Nora.... :)
      have a wonderful christmas and new year!

  3. waa... so elegant ^^ look stunning as always ^^

  4. Glamourous elegance it is, totally… BTW, have you seen this collection? It is probably not for special occasion but more into daily wear.


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