My Last Post on 2014

Hello Guys...
Today is the last day of 2014 
And whats your plan to celebrate New Year's eve tonight?
Im not having a family trip vacation this year,
So i will just having fun in Jakarta ;)

Its my picture precisely a year ago,, i took this picture last year when i had a family trip to HK
Beautiful view of Victoria Harbour, Hongkong
Because this is my last post, i will reflect my life in 2014 on this note,
I have been trough many ups and downs this year,
Massive changes in my life,
And i must admit i challenge myself a LOT this year...
Altough i make a long notes about what improvement i must do,
I also quite impressed with myself for being able to do many things i afraid to do before

Slowly but sure, i change and i feel grateful for that,
For my loving and care family, my closest , and people who loves me (i know they are not much but i can see how they are really support me, and understand me the way i am).
For them i will make a long list improvement that i cant write all in this post because you will be bored and close this in anytime.

Notes for myself, as a Bankers, as a Blogger, and as a Dancer...

1. For my work as a bankers, i realize, i must learn so much more because my experience is not yet enough.. like people said, we are stop living if we stop learning, so i will embrace any opportunity to learn more. I'm still the same person, who are willing to learn more if i have any chance.

2. For my blog, made a blog is also one of the biggest move in my life this year, you know, even this blog is running just 6 months, slowly, i can see how people accept me as a blogger :) i don't wanna spread the things... i don't wanna heard so cocky or something... but i must say i quite happy :)

3. I will start to dance again if i have a free time and match schedule with my Dbeibz team. Im still one of kak Denada's dancer, but i never on stage with them since 2011! :'( i miss their fierce, fun but strong choreography... and i will take any chance to dance again if i can! Because dance is my deepest passion you know ;)

Im on my way to success! Amen
Improvement in life!
4. Being happy and accept my failure! i know, better i try and fail and try again and fail again, and TRY again.. than if i must sit and not having any guts to try something new. Even if i fail, i quite happy because at least i have tried something i never do before, and in any failure, i can see improvement because i fix it :)

5. Giving MUCH more to others... Being sensitive to sense other need (not just material but also emotional)  doesn't come naturally, we must do something to have this. I realize, by giving something to other, my happiness will grow because im happy seeing other people happy! if you feel you are not happy with your life nowadays, try to GIVE more, and do the good things.. you will shocked on how things turns out to be afterwards :)

6. Care more about people who loves me. I also realize, having people who loved us, and always be there for us is a big GRACE, it doesn't come just like that pals, i believe its a blessing :)

I  love my dad, he always proud of me, and supporting me...

Strike a pose!
On our way to success, there are some people who just can't accept things, you know
But if i can say something, DON'T hate them back...
Hating will not gives us anything, hates will destroy and rotting out heart..
Concetrate on our target, keep chasing it, make yourself proud of your achievements..
And all your suffers will be paid :)
Thank you for all my family, friends, and my readers who help me to win this

Mommy is working overseas and she came home 3 days after the final :) but i must say, SHE is behind all this winning
Summary of the greatest things in my life on 2014


Last but not least readers,
I wanna thank you for keep supporting me, read my contents, and become my motivation,
To be better blogger, be a better person, and improve myself more and more
See you next year, on my next contents, my next projects, and stories!

With Love,
Theresia Juanita

"My prayers and thoughts for the victims and families of Air Asia QZ 8501, May God bless their souls and bless their families"


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