Blazer Cape for Sunday Getaway

Blazer Cape is one of the HOTTEST fashion item this month
And i'm trying to pull out this look...
I want to make it more me..
Blazer cape in feminine way..

So before i went to Ikan Bakar Cianjur Restaurant in Alam Sutera yesterday,
Mommy brought me 2 new dresses..
One is black, other is grey..
But apparently, the dress is very short!

So how can i save that dress from being dumped?
(I will wear anything my mom and my sister gave me..)
I paired it with my BLAZER CAPE!

So do you like what i did to save my grey mini dress?
Now, i will (literally) keep it,
And wear it with my blazer cape, or blazer, or cardigan.
I believe blazer cape will stay still until next year...

Apparently, my nephew likes my outfit too!
(Dante is my nephew from my sister, Fiona..)

Well, see you on my next post everyone!
I hope you enjoy this post as much as i am...
Happy monday, 
And be happy!


With Love,
TJ (and Dante)


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