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My Last Post on 2014

Hello Guys... Today is the last day of 2014  And whats your plan to celebrate New Year's eve tonight?
Im not having a family trip vacation this year,
So i will just having fun in Jakarta ;)
Because this is my last post, i will reflect my life in 2014 on this note, I have been trough many ups and downs this year, Massive changes in my life, And i must admit i challenge myself a LOT this year... Altough i make a long notes about what improvement i must do, I also quite impressed with myself for being able to do many things i afraid to do before
Slowly but sure, i change and i feel grateful for that, For my loving and care family, my closest , and people who loves me (i know they are not much but i can see how they are really support me, and understand me the way i am). For them i will make a long list improvement that i cant write all in this post because you will be bored and close this in anytime.
Notes for myself, as a Bankers, as a Blogger, and as a Dancer...
1. For my work as …

New Year 2015 Elegance...

Hello Readers.. Christmas has passed (why oh why), and new year's eve is approaching! So tell me what's your plan? And have you prepared your new year's dress? If you haven't, maybe i can help you ;)
New year identic with glamorous and elegance for me.. While Christmas outfit is more fun and comes in bright color like red (yeah mostly red), white, or green! So, i choose to wear a nude-gold nuance color for my new year's eve outfit (yeah you see it first),  And i try to make it subtle and not too much...

You can see this dress is gold, but the color is not too gold! I don't wanna look like the Oscar statue,,  If you see this dress in person, you won't notice the color is gold, It looks like ivory if you see it, but if you see it closely you will see the beauuutifull soft gold color :)

I prefer to wear this dress with my white jacket, because Jakarta's weather is cold and rainy these days, You can see me wearing this jacket a lot, and i already post i…

Pink Festive Christmas

Hello Readers! Merry Christmas to you all! I wish you a Happy Jolly Christmas so you can remember it years from now :) Tell me, where are you now ? Are you and your family or friends going somewhere to celebrate Christmas?
Im not going anywhere this christmas..  Sounds boring?  I dont think so :) And anyway, this is my christmas outfit

Jakarta public place like malls and grand hotels have a wonderful Christmas decorations, One of my favorite is the one in Galeries Lafayette Pacific Place, Jakarta.. Yes im sure you know why Because i love pink and their decorations are PINK!

White Vest by : The Executive Skirt by : Blooms Bag by : Kate Spade Shoes : Valentino

 Pink Satin Watch : Max Azria #Sweet Arm Band : Max Azria
I love how they complete my looks... And i didn't wear any necklace because my skirt are already 'massive' So i don't wanna give more distraction on my whole looks :)
Juanita Sisters..
She is my big sist Fiona, Guess the age gap between us? 7 years! But …

Red Christmas Outfit for Mrs. Santa Clause

Welcome to my blog readers...
Christmas is my favorite time of the year..
Because i will hear Christmas songs everywhere i go, and every place will have a beautiful Christmas decoration... 
Im sure you are enjoying this month as much as i do..  But before christmas is come, Have you prepared your christmas outfit?

For my first Christmas edition post,
( will make 3 posts) I choose to wear RED outfit,
Because i want this Christmas to be MERRY and HAPPY :)

I always love to wear midi dress,
and not wearing too much accessories..
If you follow my Instagram you will see me in a simple (mostly plain) dress, holding a simple bag, and nude heels most of the time ;D
 Im a simple girl...

Red is not just for Chinese New Year, In fact, Santa Clause's outfit is red too! Red is also my favorite color (beside white) But im avoiding white on red, because..
Yeah i will look like Mrs. Santa..

But hey,  I can be the modern version of Mrs. Santa.. I will help him make toys, double check all the gi…


Hello again readers... Today i will bring you something that people all around the world love to wear.. In fact maybe your wear it often. Black and white
This is the look i made for a gadget campaign But i think, it would be a waste if i dont make a special post about this look  Because i like it, and i wear this monochromatic outfit a lot.. So, here it is...

On this post, i will not talk about the gadget,
But i will just talk about my look..
Black and white is one of my favorite combination color..

You can be classy, you can be edgy, you can be sweet,
You can be anything!

Hope you like my post readers,
And i see you on my next post :)

With Love,
Theresia Juanita

Syanni Artworks

Dear my readers..
Today, i would like to introduce Syanni Artworks to you. This will helps my readers who loves to make a beautiful artworks, and want to make a beautiful and creative invitation, wanna customized their gadget case, or anything!

Feby Syanni is a Graphic Designer that known as the co-founder of Syanni Artworks (FYI: she is my classmate in college, we are pretty close though! ;) ). She is really in love with the art of illustrator, and to develop her artworks, she has been set up Syanni Artworks for her original artworks with special offer, such as made by request only one could have it. That called personalized illustrator and paper. 

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