Urocks UFM Jakarta Fashion Week by Heavenly Blush, WRP, and Bow by Billy Tjong

Hello my FASHIONISTA readers,

How are you readers,
I hope you are in a good condition today..
For me, Im so happy that finally i can write another fashion article for all of you..
Because recently, i wrote more about beauty more than a fashion!

Okay readers,
If you are truly a fashionista 
(Or maybe, you live or work near to Senayan City Mall)
Im sure you've heard and feel the euphoria of JAKARTA FASHION WEEK 2015
And i got a chance, to attend a few of the shows,
But today, i want to tell you more about

"Urocks UFM Jakarta Fashion Week by Heavenly Blush, WRP, and Bow by Billy Tjong"

(Prepare yourself for a super complete review of the event with lots of images on it!)

This event was held on the first day of Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 by UFM (94.7 UFM), Heavenly Blush, and W.R.P..
Its on November 1'st 2014 in the main atrium of Senayan City mall
(Or maybe you also attend this event or you passed by the venue readers?)
 If yes! im sure you can see how wonderful the stage decoration is, the event itself, the booth, and everything right?

Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 i have been waiting for since 2014 even start!
Why? simply because i LOVE FASHION
And i wanna give my salute and appreciation to Indonesian designer's creation more
Simply, because i feel, we as a fashion lovers in Indonesia must supporting our country designers creation.

Their creation are wonderful and ready to compete with designers from other countries..
If you know other countries designers, but you dont know much about Indonesian designers now,
its okay, this article maybe can helps you,
Because i will talking about Billy Tjong,
One of the young and talented Indonesian designer :)

Yes.. Yes.. and Yes..
If you ask me, is he the man behind Zalora by Billy Tjong,
Then i will say yes..
And not just it, he is one of the Indonesian Fashion Forward designer..
Fashion Forward Indonesia is filled with the most talented  indonesian designers, and only the best designers can get into this program, and Billy Tjong is one of them for sure ;)

If you are familiar with Billy Tjong already,
Lets move to the main topic, is about the event!
Enjoy the beautiful designs creations by Billy Tjong B.O.W for Heavenly Blush and W.R.P!

B.O.W by Billy Tjong for Heavenly Blush and W.R.P

Do you know B.O.W is?
Billy Tjong Online Wardrobe is sister line of Billy Tjong Ready to Wear..
Based on the video before the fashion show started, I remember Billy Tjong explaining about his designs for this event.

His collection are mostly using digital printing technique (as usual, its kinda his trademark as far as we can remember),vibrant colors, inspired by summer in the urban country and the building graffiti.

First time i heard that Billy Tjong are going to do a fashion show in collaboration with WRP and heavenly blush for this event,
I straightly thought "This is VERY EXCITING!" and "I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HIS CREATION"

a. About Billy Tjong
First, if you know Billy Tjong's designs, your mind must be blown up with his designs, wonderful digital print (his trademark), feminine but bold cutting, and so modern!
I can imagine a girl with the Attitude wearing his design, who are bold, very stylish, and always know what she wants, and work hard for it..

But on the other side, he also makes a wonderful bridal gown for the bride to be.. and you should see his wedding gown designs! it makes you either looks like an angel or a princess!
Click here to see his wedding gown designs.

As i knew, Julia Perez is one of the celebrity who wore her designs often. I see her on a beeeautiifullll white mermaid dress on hitam putih one day, and i cant forget her dress because its soooo GORGEOUS!

I also went to one show before this, its Indonesian Fashion Forward fashion show that include Billy Tjong on it, and his designs BLEW MY MIND!
This might help you to recognize Billy's designs more...

i took it on Indonesian Fashion Forward Fashion Show in Fashion Tent...


Who will not fall in love with his design?
Every piece created with a hard work and passion in fashion, and creates something that makes us who see his designs "waaahh... " everytime we see it.
Look at this designs.. almost all of his designs using digital printing technique, with splash of color, and makes his models have some strong, sexy, and yet elegant and very trendy characteristics.

b. About Heavenly Blush

Picture taken from here

Picture taken from here

Heavenly blush is a company that produces healthy yogurt based food and beverages,
If you are one of us, who love to eat yoghurt in many forms, like ice cream yoghurt (frozen yoghurt), or yoghurt drinks, you must be familiar with this brand. Their store has a pink and white decoration, and all those cheerful color on heavenly blush logo. They can pull everyone attention of everyone in every age to taste their frozen yoghurt , including me and my family :)  

I've used to buy their yogurt in Pondok Indah Mall2 since so long ago readers, i used to eat their frozen yoghurt in pomegranate with kiwi fruits, pink mochi, and strawberry. And it taste so yummy! Honestly, i don't like a yogurt that is too sweet or too sour. What i like is RIGHT in between...
Not too sweet and too milky, but not too sour too so we can enjoy it anytime, anywhere, even if i havent ate anything before.

If you wanna know more about heavenly blush, simply click this link to go straightly to their site readers :) i like their layout page. Its very interesting, because we can pick 2 from total 4 subjects we like to read, and once we click it, this web will give a useful article about the subject we picked!

Click this to see my review on Heavenly Blush !

c. About W.R.P
W.R.P is well known as a brand that produce so many products like skim milk,tea,cookies, protein drink, (they even have a diet centre!). You need to keep your weight ideal read ramping or slim!. But beside consuming their products, i suggest to carefully pick every meal we consume everyday. We can't just lean on their products. we must do exercise and hold our wants to eat anything fried, or sweet, or salty.

Picture taken from here
For me, WRP is not only for us who want to reduce pounds on our weight, its more likely to keep and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle means healthy life, body, and mind, and for the advantage, you will got an ideal body. Have you tried their products readers? what are they? write your thoughts on comment box below.

Click this to see my review on WRP DIET TO GO

The Fashion Show

Billy Tjong explain why he collaborates with Heavenly Blush and WRP, the reason is because they have a similarities in characters,
" Active, Independent, Confident, and concern to maintain a Healthy Lifestyle "
lets move straightly to the fashion show readers!

a. B.O.W by Billy Tjong

This is the first glance of B.O.W by billy tjong collection, my dear readers...
His collection mostly are colorful! vibrant color block, crop top, pencil skirt, midi dress, very colorful and bold! I instantly imagining the characteristic of this outfits are young, stylish, cheerful, confident. This characteristic are fit with the outfit right?
Here are his designs in closer look

By wearing all of this dress, surely we will become a spotlight on crowd!
everything he mention on the video before the fashion show are so true, summer color in urban country check! graffiti check!
Click here to see the video!

b. B.O.W for WRP

I remember Billy Tjong explaining about his design concept for W.R.P. and he says his designs are for a girl that is active and confident, so the cutting of the dresses are fit to body and mostly in red color (WRP logo and color are in red also!) maybe that's the reason Billy choose red as a main color for his creation. Different from his designs for BOW and for Heavenly Blush, his designs for WRP has a fit to body design, without any digital print on it, and has a sexy hype on it. Even this dresses for WRP has no digital print on it, it still have a characteristics that shows to us, its Billy Tjong's are you agree my readers?
The cutting, the shape of the dress (fit to body and shows the model's body curve), my favorite dress are

I also take a short video of this dress! because i love it so much, click here !

c. B.O.W for Heavenly Blush

Billy Tjong describes his creation for heavenly blush is more cheerful and i totally agree! you can see the dress is more playful! i can imagine someone very attractive, funny, happy, and ultra confident wearing this collection..
Billy Tjong took the inspiration from heavenly blush color variant, peach, grape, strawberry and make a wonderful white pieces with splash of peach, pink, and purple color.
And if you follow my instagram you are familiar seeing my outfit in white, and Billy Tjong's creation in white makes me wanna steal that piece for me to use everyday! i will gladly wearing that white printed crop top and cute skirt!

This heavenly Blush dresses has a little digital printing on it also.. but the color are still soft, and describing  heavenly blush flavor characteristic..
Peach, strawberry, and grape...

Different from his designs for WRP, this creation has a different characteristics, as you can see... WRP is more sexy, and for heavenly blush, he creates something trendy, and more cheerful as Billy Tjong says :)

And..... Lala Karmela is singing on the show!
I also love her dress... crop top with that mini skirt, and on white! they can never go wrong...
Super love it! if you wanna see the video, click here!

After the Show

My outfit on the event

I wanna say BIG Thanks for UFM, Heavenly Blush, WRP, and Billy Tjong of course, for having us on the event :)
Each and everyone of us get a big goody bag from this event, and we are all so happy to attend this event, there are lots of blogger and frontrowers with their cool outfit! i love this event, i love the fashion show, and i love the way the guests are dressing up!! 

Look at us!

Full Team! All wearing  pink and white outfit
We are wearing pink and white outfit on the event,
Because femaledaily ask us to wear a match outfit color for the show,,
Thank you femaledaily for inviting us!
Im so happy i can attend and write a review about this event :)

Me and the talented designer himself, BILLY TJONG

Ahhh yes, i got a chance to take a picture with Billy Tjong himself :)
His jacket is white with a little digi print on his jacket...
It matches with his heavenly blush collection!

Thats all for today readers..
Thank you for reading my article :)
And wish me luck on Heavenly Blush blog writing contest!






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