Theresia Juanita, Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female Finalist 2014
Dear my precious readers...
After i got a once in a lifetime chance to be one of the finalist of FFF 2014,
And join the quarantine tomorrow, 1-4 Dec (3 Dec is the final night)
I am moved to make a post about what Fun Fearless Female to me,,
Let's start with,
Whats Fun Fearless Female to you?
And how do you applied it on your daily life?
For me, being Fun and Fearless is a big key to be a successful person...
This is my GOAL in life..
I keep learn from people around me, and my personal experience to be so... 
Being fun and fearless is a big assets to conquer anything in life...


The meaning of fun for me are,
 Having an easy going personality, cheerful, smiley, and have an optimistic character.
They are standout and you will recognize them right after you see them :)

The easiest step to be a fun girl is, learn to give our smile and greet other :)
Smile is infectious, if you smile to someone, they will mostly smile back to you, (but if they dont, (trust me i experienced this often too) that's okay, don't regret it!)

We can make someone's life brighter by smile and greet them....
(We never know if they are probably having a bad day that moment),
Isn't it a good thing readers? :D

Smile is simple, but if you really meant to give it from your heart,
Fun will grow to Kindness...
Do we all want to be a better and a kind person? Yes we do!

And when it comes to facing problem in life, 
Fun girl will able to overcome it in time,
Because we know, everyone can make mistakes many times..
We are just human remember? :)

Based on my experience,
4 things i always do when i facing my problem, however hard it is,
Stand Up, Smile, Forgive ourself, and try to Fix it...
Fun girl can feel down or beaten sometimes, but the other day, you will see her face filled with smile again :)
Life is a battlefield,
Sometime you can conquer every obstacle, sometimes it needs some time to be done,
Just remember to be POSITIVE
 Do mistakes, fix it, accept it as our fun part of life... :)
Besides, we are a fun girl right?


As far as i know,
We can't be fearless without any effort...
Why? because some people born with fun and bubbly characteristic,

But to be fearless, it took a big courage, and big willing to be better person
Being fearless, forced us to do something we never do before,
Learn something new, start from 0 (i admit it, im afraid to do this at first)
In order to be a better person.

But after we pushing ourself, and succeed doing this,
We'll feeling good and proud of ourself...
Because, we can do something we never thought we can do before!
We achieve something! Yippiieeee!

This is the example,
Before my graduation ceremony,im a full time dancer,
When i have to dance in front of so many people
Maybe i will not feeling nervous or scared at all (except if i still cant mastering the choreography),
But before, i never think i could TALK in front of so many people.. 

But when i become a worker, there is some point where i must try to teach...
At first im sooo afraid to do that, but after i finally try it,
I feel happy and very excited!

A month ago, i got an offer to become a speaker on a small seminar,
And talk about Grooming...
Im sooo afraid at first because you know, a college students can be very critical sometime, and plus, i must preparing the material from 0!
But you know what, i did it! And im soooo happy i got a chance to do this :)
I wanna do this again next time if i have a chance...

For me, the thing is,
Don't hear any negative talk behind you,
Dont stop because someone tell you you cant
or underestimating you... (trust me, i also experienced this many times)
But we must stand up and prove to ourself WE CAN!
Fun Fearless Female...

Im sure become a fun and fearless will be anyone GOAL in life..
With both fun, and fearless,
Im sure there is nothing we can do..
Being just FUN is a good thing, but it wont give us any good improvement, if we are not FEARLESS
Facing our biggest giant, ourself.
Our fear, our doubts, our ego....
And being Fearless is boring if we dont know how to be a FUN and loveable :)
a Mix between this two is perfect..
And im still trying my best to do it...

Thanks Cosmopolitan Indonesia, mbak Fira Basuki, and all the judges, who let me be a part of this event..
I will try my best on this event..
I need your support readers...
Please pray for me...

With Love


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