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                                             Dear My lovely ladies…
I wanna ask you a simple question..

“What’s beautiful definition for you?”

Some woman, feel pretty when they are wearing their working attire, in their favorite comfortable T-shirt, or wearing a very pretty dress for a special occasion..

Some of them are feeling pretty without make up, and some of them are feeling pretty with full make up on!

And you know what?

That’s okay to set your own barre of what beautiful is..

 (No need to judge the woman who are feeling confident when they put their full make up on, and don’t say anything bad to the woman who doesn’t feel they need to do so)

Because beauty definition for each and every woman are different..

For me,

The definition is being satisfied and comfortable with yourself…

Ultimately, I feel beautiful when I know my overall look is quite good.

Wearing make up on,

And wear a pretty outfit..

And not to forget: spraying my favorite perfume!

Yes,, it’s my definition of BEAUTY.

I always say this to my readers,

To take care of our skin first, then we can go to the make up department.

I want to make my skin soft, smooth, and bright.

That’s my main goal.

And I love to use this POND’s white beauty Natural Sensitive Day Cream,

After I used my serum, to give my skin soft and smooth care, without that greasy feeling we don’t like.

The reason I used this cream is because I have a quite sensitive and dry skin,

So I must handle my skin with care, and this cream doesn’t drying up my skin at all!

Ponds dan Kamu Story Competition

Now I want you to tell me your definition of beauty,

No No No… Not here,

But I want you to joining #Pondsdankamu competition by Ponds and Clozette Indonesia

Log in or sign up to Clozette Indonesia

And upload your pictures to http://goo.gl/VjH6kN

And write a shirt story about what beauty is to you…

Just like what I did here, but adjust a bit so it will good to be in a picture


Win 3 Michael Kors bags (now I am being very JEALOUS) for the grand prize

And 10 Ponds package for 10 chosen winners!

It’s very easy rite?

Do your best, and capture your beautiful shot

Good LUCK!

With Love,

Theresia Juanita


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