Solange Knowles Wedding Dress Comment

Dear my precious readers..

If you keep yourself updated about the entertainment news,
I know you've heard another good news from Beyonce Knowles sister, Solange Knowles
The Buzz and news are everywhere..
(Congratulation Solange!)

Beside the unique event itself,
With Solange riding a bike with her husband to go to their wedding venue,
Solange danced with her cute-handsome son,
My eyes are attracted to her wedding dress.

Do you like how she done her whole look on her wedding dress?
credit to E!online site
She is wearing a beautiful cape dress by Kenzo..
(this just her 1'st outfit, we still have 4 jumpsuits after this)
I cant hold myself to say, 

She looks gracious, with her modern, clean, but simple wedding dress..
I know she is unique,
With that 'uniqueness', i already guessing that she will not pick 'a common' wedding dress on her wedding..
That gold bangles on her is a beautiful touch to accomplish her whole look!
In a simple way
I know some people say this gown is not good because there are no traditional lace, or long trail, or sparkling swarovski details and crown on her that day
But for me, this gown is perfect for her...
Why is it perfect? because the gown match with the theme and the wedding concept itself..
So this dress won't be a trouble for her, to move here and there

And if you ask me,
If anyone on this picture outshine ing her?
My answer is No one,
She still the centre of my attention with this gracious look...

I will imagine a Goddess in this era will wear this,
Instead of toga dresses..
Don't you agree?

With Love,


  1. Replies
    1. Yaa, of course but
      i love Solange's dress more,,, hehehe
      its her wedding day anyway...
      so, the humble Queen B dressing down for the event
      we know she could do more than this..
      but she respected her sister


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