Saptodjojokartiko on Dewi Fashion Knight 2014

Dear my fashion addict readers..
This is my report from Dewi Fashion Knight fashion show,
on Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 event..

Saptodjojokartiko is one of my favorite couture designer,
He is a humble and very talented Indonesian designer...
His collections are the closing DFK 2014 fashionshow parade..

And the reason why i upload it first is because :
yes, HE IS MY FAVORITE DESIGNER on Dewi Fashion Knight 2014!

You know what,
Everyone (especially the frontrowers) on the event are cheering since the first Sapto's model out!
His collections is very sparkling with those crystal details on EVERY collections, beautiful couture collection inspired by Hindi's cultural outfit, soft and beautiful color on his collections, blows up my mind!

Thats one word came out on my mind after i see Saptodjojokartiko's collection...
I cant agree more if anyone called him one of the best COUTURIST in Indonesia..

If you ask me,
What's special on his designs?
For me, Sapto's design has a trademark, if i can say,his first trademarks is dresses and pants that looks so relax, (you can see a few of his models wear flat shoes?), comfortable, modern, simple but classy.

This is the man behind all of this beautiful designs!
he is Saptodjojokartiko!
Look at him.. from a humble and simple designer, born hundreds of stunning outfit!
*Standing Applause*


TJ Says :

Indonesia has soooo many talented designers readers...
And once again, i must remind you to appreciate Indonesian designers more...

My biggest dream is, 
To see a lot of Indonesian designer's collection being worn by Hollywood artists, on the biggest event like Oscar, Academy Awards, or something..

Seeing what Indonesian designers can do, i think i'm not the only one who have this passion and dream..
So i try to make a blog about Indonesian designers, to introduce Indonesian designer's beautiful collections to my readers, from Indonesia and other countries..

That's all for today readers..
Thank you for reading my article :)
And i hope you like it...

With Love,


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